U.S. 20: Idaho's Snowmobile Mecca Corridor

Published in the December 2018 Issue March 2019 Feature Steve Janes

Although the saying goes “all roads lead to Rome,” that may not apply when it comes to snowmobiling. Rome may have been the center of the Milliarium Aureum or Golden Milestone, but it certainly didn’t offer deep fluffy powder that most snowmobilers are searching for.

For that, there’s one road that leads to an area that rules the world for outstanding snowmobiling opportunities or the Milliarium Candidum—that’s U.S. 20.

The northern 100-mile stretch of highway that covers eastern Idaho and leads into West Yellowstone, MT, has a rich history that encompasses the past 50 years of the sport. And along this route, a multitude of individuals and businesses have greatly influenced the evolution of snowmobiling.

Although “winter” actually begins some 60 miles north of Idaho Falls, ID, along U.S. 20,  the preparation for the snowmobiling season is a year-round commitment for several businesses whose employees spend countess hours driving U.S. 20 throughout the season. From snowmobile dealers to aftermarket companies to SnoWest Magazine, these businesses have made winter a top priority and spend a lot of time improving product to enhance your snowmobiling experience.

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