10 Pro Tips You Need To Know

Published in the November 2018 Issue July 2019 Feature

1 Speed Ladder

“I always move around on my running boards a lot. You’re never in one position. When you’re climbing a hill and wheelying, I’ll walk forward on the running board so I can keep the nose down. Going downhill, the same. I’m always jumping around. That’s the main key for being good in the mountains—not being stationary. And not sitting down, too. Stand up full-time.”

––Rob Alford

2 Barstool Sports

“I’m six feet tall and I run the low 5-inch bar from Polaris. The reason is because anytime you’re in off-trail, off-camber conditions, you’re up on edge. Having the bars lower so when you’re up on edge they’re not in your chest is key to maneuverability.”

––Chris Burandt

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