Product Review: Klim 2019 Lochsa

Published in the October 2018 Issue February 2019 Feature

Klim redesigned the popular Lochsa one-piece for 2019. That’s a bold step on a product that virtually sold out every fall as it was. That said, it had its flaws that we’re happy to see that Klim addressed.

We've ridden in the original Lochsa since its inception in 2015. It’s been a lightweight, highly-breathable piece with a minimalist design—perfect for western riding where the temps are cold but the activity makes you hot. The great thing about the original Lochsa was that you never got hot in it. That was also its downside—it was easy to get cold in it at times, and it was a little easy to tear on sharp running boards. 

For 2019, Klim changed pretty much the entire suit, and we spent a few days in it early this year. It’s now made entirely of Gore-Tex 3-Layer Pro Shell. Klim claims an increased durability of 185 percent, which is great. It’s much easier forking out that kind of cash for a high-end riding suit when it doesn’t get damaged easily in normal riding. The Gore-Tex 3-Layer Pro Shell does better job at keeping your body heat in with minimal layering while breathing well so you don't overheat. 

The 2019 Lochsa also features a built-in beacon harness. The beacon attaches to the harness within the Lochsa suit, and the harness secures around your body. In our opinion, it’s another way to ensure the beacon is never left in the gear bag, and that it’s securely strapped to your body rather than thrown in a pocket.

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