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2019 Summit 600R E-Tec & More Changes

Published in the March 2018 Issue April 2018 Column, Feature, Ski-Doo, Snow Tests Steve Janes




Ever since Ski-Doo introduced the Rev Gen4 platform with the 850 powerplant for the 2017 model year, those of us who prefer the 600 class snowmobiles began lobbying Ski-Doo engineers to install a 600 in that platform.

When the 2018 model came out without a 600 in the Gen4 platform, although we were still frustrated, there were a few subtle messages with newly introduced technology that encouraged us to be patient. SHOT was just introduced, but we learned that SHOT technology required a specific engine design that was not available with the 600cc powerplant.

When talking engine technology, it’s important to note that Rotax has historically proven to be at the cutting edge—from the first central rotary valve in 1972 to Rave valve introduction in 1989 to Rotax E-TEC in 2009.

It was apparent that for the 600 to be introduced into the Gen 4 platform it would need to be re-designed. And to our delight, for 2019 the 600R E-TEC is an all-new engine designed specifically for those who want performance but expect durability. Rotax prioritizes consumer needs—whether it be reliability, performance or efficiency—and then designs the engine that best fills those priorities.

The 600R E-TEC has increased horsepower from the previous 600cc engines. It is SHOT ready so you can take advantage of all its technology. Combine this with the lightweight design of the Gen4 and you have a perfect snowmobile waiting for a perfect storm (we’re talking snowfall).

The 2019 Summit 600R E-Tec has more power, improved performance and quicker response than any 600-class mountain sled on the snow. It engages smoothly on the bottom end yet pulls consistently throughout the entire powerband—a powerband that goes much farther than any 600 previously built.

This sled glides through the snow with ease. It’s remark-able how well it handles terrain. You can easily lay it on its side as you weave through trees, yet it will jump out of a hole if you need that sudden burst to get you through a tough spot.

Although many will overlook the Summit 600 thinking they need the power of the 850, those who don’t will be pleasantly surprised at the performance the new 600 has on the snow.

— Steve Janes





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