Sum+It Riders Joins Forces With ISSA

Published in the February 2018 Issue August 2018 Feature

Like it or not, the battle to keep public lands open to snowmobiling—and other powersports opportunities—takes money, sometimes lots of it.

The “other side” has plenty of money and is well funded, but the snowmobile side is continually searching for ways to fund its legal efforts. Some of those ways have been short-lived while others continue to support our sport.

One of the newest groups to join the effort is the Sum+It riders, created a little more than a year ago by Cody Lott, who hails from Shelley, ID.

“When I was a senior in high school, I wrote my senior paper on access so it got me fired up,” Lott said.

Now fast forward a few years, click on (the online side for the Idaho State Snowmobile Association), go to the officers page and under Committee Chairs you’ll see Lott’s name listed as the Public Lands Chairman, helping Director of Public Lands Sandra Mitchell, as ISSA works to ensure sledders a place to ride in the state.

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