2019 M 8000 Mountain Cat Alpha One

The new paradigm of backcountry performance

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The 2019 Arctic Cat M 8000 Mountain Cat ALPHA ONE makes a giant leap in backcountry performance by combining the best features of the award-winning Mountain Cat package with a revolutionary new rear suspension and track system that reshapes the ease of maneuvering and handling a snowmobile in deep snow.

Called ALPHA ONE, it’s the next chapter in Arctic Cat’s pioneering history of innovative suspension design and is as revolutionary as the original sliderail suspension.

ALPHA ONE consists of a lightweight and rigid single rear suspension beam constructed from extruded aluminum and magnesium. It runs in the middle of a specially-designed next-generation, lightweight Power Claw track featuring a single row of track windows, a deep snow-specific design with 3-inch paddles and a 3.5-inch pitch, plus unique internal construction. The result is a track in either 154- or 165-inch lengths that bends and conforms to the snow, whether the sled is on a sidehill, on a flat surface or going straight up in powder.

With maximum side flex, riders can maneuver the ALPHA ONE Mountain Cat to a degree not possible with conventional snowmobiles, carving circles well inside the tightest turns that conventional machines are capable of. The suspension is light and stiff, allowing the new track to flex and conform to the snow and riding surface.

The front track shock is an easily adjustable Fox Float QS3 unit that’s matched by a Float 3 QSL rear shock that features a semi-locking position to maximum performance in all conditions.

A full 11 lbs. lighter than traditional designs and all but free of trapped snow while being ridden, ALPHA ONE sets a new benchmark in lightweight mountain performance and maneuverability.

Up front, the Mountain Cat ALPHA ONE features the narrow-profile bodywork and Ascender platform, plus the lightweight Arctic Mountain Suspension (AMS) with mountain-specific spindles, geometry and 35.5-37.5-inch stance to enable better sidehilling, reduced drag in the snow and optimal handling. Its Mountain Drive System and mountain chassis contribute to its deep snow carving excellence, unmatched acceleration and intuitive rider ergonomics thanks to narrow running boards, forward foot position and a low driveshaft.

ALPHA ONE gets its mojo from the all-powerful Arctic Cat 8000-Series 794cc C-TEC2 engine with Dual-Stage Injection. Wonderfully powerful, with an extra-crisp low- and mid-range hit thanks to its APV exhaust valve featuring 3-stage control of all exhaust ports, the engine delivers flawless 160-hp class performance. That performance stays consistent with the quick acceleration and auto-adjusting design of the Team Rapid Response II drive clutch, Rapid Reaction driven clutch and the entire Arctic Drive System.

All-new G2 ProClimb-7 skis improve balance and flotation, ease steering effort and give more consistent performance in varying snow conditions. The molded-in boot traction adds sure-footed control and usability for expert backcountry riders. Riders will also appreciate the new Stealth Lightweight Brake master cylinder and short-throw brake lever, which provide enhanced braking performance and ideal ergonomics in a more protected design.

Like all 2019 M Series machines, it features new, premium handlebar-mounted controls that are optimized for use while riding, with improved ergonomics, and that transmit visible information on the digital instrument gauge. It includes a new magnetic tether switch to complement the key ignition as well as a new handlebar wiring cover covering that improves cockpit aesthetics.

ALPHA ONE also features a fixed (non-telescoping) and vertical steering post, 11.7-gallon fuel tank, LED headlight, plus a front-mounted heat exchanger that sets the standard for reduced ice buildup, plus standard ice scratchers.

ALPHA ONE will be available only a spring order model.

New For 2019

  • ALPHA ONE revolutionizes rear suspension and track design by using a patented single beam positioned in the middle of a specially designed lightweight Power Claw track. Unlike a traditional two-rail system, ALPHA ONE’s single beam allows the track to significantly flex and conform to the snow, delivering a new level of maneuverability with less rider input; substantially easier sidehilling; and increased traction and deep snow performance.
  • G2 ProClimb-7 skis feature new geometry that delivers better balance, improved flotation, easier steering and more consistent performance in varying snow conditions. Molded-in traction on the top of the ski adds sure-footed control and usability for experienced riders.
  • New handlebar-mounted controls are easier to use while riding, with improved ergonomics, and transmit visible information on the digital instrument gauge.
  • New Stealth Lightweight Brake master cylinder offers enhanced braking performance with a more protected design.
  • New short-throw brake lever increases ergonomic comfort.
  • A new magnetic tether switch comes standard, complementing the key ignition.
  • A new handlebar wiring cover improves cockpit aesthetics.
  • New 10-inch rear idler wheels reduce rolling resistance and increase horsepower to the ground.
  • New ECM calibration delivers enhanced performance.

2019 Arctic Cat M Series Technology

ALPHA ONE Rear Suspension System

ALPHA ONE is the revolutionary new Arctic Cat rear suspension system that uses the newest technology and innovation to deliver the industry’s lightest rear suspension.

Unlike traditional sliderail suspension designs that have two parallel rails positioned on the outer portion of a track, ALPHA ONE features one single aluminum beam positioned in the middle of the Power Claw track, allowing the track to significantly flex and conform to the snow.

The result is the lightest suspension in its category, that offers an entirely new level of increased maneuverability with less required rider input; substantially easier sidehilling; and increased traction and deep snow performance. Best of all, ALPHA ONE eases sidehilling and maximizes maneuverability for beginning riders while offering a higher level of performance and capability for experienced riders.

A full 11 lbs. lighter than comparable systems, ALPHA ONE is the industry’s lightest mountain suspension. And it’s a system that doesn’t trap snow within the skidframe like traditional designs, so it rides even lighter in real-world conditions in the same way as other Arctic Cat mountain sled innovations.

Constructed from extruded aluminum with magnesium attachment points, the ALPHA ONE suspension is 4.5 lbs. lighter than traditional rear suspensions. The 15-inch wide ALPHA ONE Power Claw track comes in 154- and 165-inch lengths with 3.0-inch lugs. Its design and unique internal construction supports the increased flexibility, while its 3.5-inch pitch design results in a 6.5-lb. weight reduction compared to traditional tracks. Large 10-inch rear idler wheels ensure maximum efficiency with minimal power loss.

ALPHA ONE retains the front suspension arm dampened by an adjustable Fox Float QS3 shock, and a rear suspension arm dampened by an adjustable Fox Float 3 QSL semi-locking shock for quick and simple customization for riding conditions.

Arctic Mountain Suspension (AMS)

The AMS features mountain-specific geometry, spindles and A-arms for easy to maneuver handling in deep snow. Its 27-degree spindle caster angle provides optimal ski camber for off-trail cornering and more predictable counter-steering, especially when sidehilling. The lightweight, forged-aluminum spindles have minimal surface area, reducing drag and improving performance in deep snow. Dual-phase high strength alloy-steel A-arms are lightweight and durable.

FLOAT-ACTION Rear Suspension

Arctic Cat redesigned the rear suspension in 2017 that combined new, lightweight rails that shed 1.5-2 lbs. while providing optimal suspension travel and a better ride quality in all conditions. Improvements for 2019 include a switch to two 8-inch diameter rear idler wheels for improved durability, plus new 5.5-inch rail-mounted wheels for added durability. Compared to models from 2015 and older, the FLOAT-ACTION suspension incorporates revised mountain-specific geometry, with a longer rear-arm pull rod and revised rail profile that delivers consistent track tension during the full range of travel. A longer front arm shock works with the pull-rod for increased front arm travel, which improves the ride performance in all conditions, especially in big bumps. The FLOAT ACTION suspension is built in three lengths to accommodate 141-, 153- and 162-inch track lengths.

LED Headlight

A new LED headlight on select 2019 M 8000 models and all M 9000 models delivers enhanced lighting performance. When the high beam is activated, the low beam also stays on to deliver a light pattern with great range and width. On the 9000 model, special LED accent lighting comes on when the key is turned on.

New Hand Controls

Most 2019 Arctic Cat snowmobiles feature new handlebar-mounted controls that are easier to use while riding, with improved ergonomics, and that transmit visible information on the digital instrument gauge. A button on the handlebar controls now toggles the display screen on the gauge. A new push-to-start button (that doubles as the Reverse button) on 6000 and 8000 Series models allows the rider to keep both hands on the handlebars while starting models equipped with electric start. Momentary-style hand and thumb-warmer switches provide more heat level settings and also prevent unintended setting changes.

Magnetic Tether Switch

Most 2019 Arctic Cat snowmobiles will come equipped with a new tether switch in addition to the ignition key. The all-new tether uses magnetic connectivity (instead of a plunger) to enable the engine to run.

Deluxe Digital Gauge

The Deluxe Digital gauge features two operator-configurable displays, with information available for: speed; rpm; maximum rpm; clock; altimeter; odometer; hours; Trip 1; Trip 2; coolant temperature; exhaust temperature; intake air temperature; voltage; and fuel level.

G2 ProClimb-7 Skis

New for 2019, the G2 ProClimb-7 skis feature a new shape that delivers improved flotation with a slightly less aggressive keel shape for easier steering and more consistent performance in varying snow conditions. Molded-in foot traction on the top of the skis adds boot traction and usability for experienced riders. The new G2 skis work in concert with the AMS spindles to deliver a new level of deep snow performance and adjustability. They incorporate a tapered width, from 7 inches at the tip to 6.5 inches in the middle, which works with a unique rubber dampener to keep the ski tips up and floating on top of the snow while preventing diving or knifing into the snow. A wide ski saddle accommodates a full 2 inches of lateral ski stance adjustability.

Push-Button Reverse

Arctic Cat snowmobiles are equipped with electronic push-button reverse systems for quick, easy activation. The 8000- and 6000-Series engines utilize engine reverse technology, also activated by a push-button.

Single Front Heat Exchanger

All M Series models incorporate the lightweight, single, front- mounted heat exchanger. The system is nearly 4 lbs. lighter than a full-length heat exchanger and results in the least amount of snow and slush retention during riding, helping the M Series maintain their real-world weight savings advantage. All M Series snowmobiles also come standard with ice-scratchers.

TEAM Drive and Driven Clutches

The Arctic Drive System features Team Rapid Response II drive and Rapid Reaction BOSS driven clutch combination for smooth shifting, optimal performance, maximum durability; and reduced weight. The Rapid Response II drive clutch features a roller bearing on the shaft that enables an auto-adjusting belt tension design and delivers consistent performance without manual adjustments. It also features a 12.5 percent lower effective starting ratio (while maintaining the top ratio) for smoother engagement and reduced belt wear at drive-away speed, with more evenly distributed force for lower belt pressure. It’s a design that’s unique to Arctic Cat. The Rapid Reaction BOSS driven clutch features the Built On Shaft Secondary design, in which the clutch is designed with machined sheaves that mount directly to the machined-matched driven shaft. Unique to Arctic Cat, BOSS eliminates the need for the steel clutch post in traditional designs, saving weight, reducing rotating mass, improving clutch balance and achieving tighter clutch/shaft mounting tolerance. In addition to the benefits of BOSS, the Rapid Reaction driven clutch features optimized cooling fin geometry that results in low clutch and belt temperatures for improved belt life and performance. The Rapid Reaction BOSS is also 0.25 lbs. lighter than previous designs, resulting in quicker acceleration.

Stealth Lightweight Master Cylinder Brake System

New for 2019, the Stealth lightweight master cylinder brake system with a new lever design delivers increased braking power with less required force compared to the previous design. The dual-piston caliper is positioned with the rotor so that any chassis flex won’t knock back the pistons. Reduced knockback allows smaller caliper pistons and a shortened lever “throw” before the pads contact the rotor, which enables more powerful braking pressure. The new master cylinder is more protected and robust than the previous design, and is less likely to be damaged in extreme situations. The new lever shape is more ergonomically comfortable, and its composite construction feels warmer compared to aluminum levers. All 6000 and 8000 M series models utilize a lightweight disc/caliper/pad system, as well as the drilled race version brake disc.

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