Product Test: Fortress BasePro

Published in the January 2018 Issue January 2018 Product Tests, Feature Steve Janes

We live in a cold world so sometimes it’s nice to have an advantage over nature with what we’re wearing. Recently the editors of SnoWest Magazine came across a versatile layering system that is soft, comfortable and warm in a wide variety of conditions.

            The Fortress BasePro Pant and ¼ Zip Top are surprisingly affective in extreme weather conditions—both cold and wet. The system keeps your body dry via its impressive wicking capability, and warm via its state-of-the-art insulation design.

            The Fortress BasePro is a base layer with Aeris 250 insulation in key areas—making it warm where it needs to be and unrestrictive where it needs to be. It is a breathable fabric designed to maintain your core at a constant temperature while the air temperature may range from minus-5 degrees F to 70 degrees F.

            Fortress BasePro utilizes a four-way stretch brushed polyester blended with Spandex that makes it feel like an extension of your skin—no bulk, no binding. It moves with you, not against you. It is lightweight, yet affective in maintaining your body temperature regardless if you sweat or get wet.

            Aeris 250 Insulation Technology is a patented process that uses a combination of Polyester and Spandex over a Polymer foam to create a fabric designed to be worn against the skin.

            Fortress is a small company out of Mt. Pleasant, UT, that is making a reputation in the skiing industry with its outdoor products. Recently the Fortress line has been discovered by avid snowmobilers who recognize a quality product when they see it.

Here are the impressions from our testing:


  • Looks bulky, but boy is it comfortable. Really didn’t notice the bulk once I got my riding gear on.
  • It is soft and comfortable. I thought it would likely be too warm … but I was wrong. It regulates body heat with perfect climate control. At first I tried to overheat. (I shoveled the snow off my driveway … but no sweat—literally.)
  • I wore it inside for a while, then went outside in the cold; then back inside. My body maintained a constant core temperature.
  • On a typical snowmobile outing (consisting of sitting in a hot truck cab for 45 minutes driving to the trailhead. then jumping into a cold trailer to change into snowmobile gear) I hopped on my sled and raced down a trail during the coldest time of the day. Still, my core temperature stayed constant in all conditions.
  • I even overdressed to try to overheat (wearing an extra mid layer). After working in my shop for 30 minutes, I was still comfortable. So I went out in the snow to work … still stayed comfortable.
  • I went to great lengths to find the weakness of the Fortress BasePro. There wasn’t one. This is good stuff.


The BasePro ¼ Zip Top retails for $139 and the BasePro Pant retails for $129. For more information contact

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