Yamaha SnoScoot Aims For Younger Generation

Published in the December 2017 Issue August 2018 Feature Mark Bourbeau

The 2018 model year will be No. 50 for Yamaha being in the snowmobile industry and over the years the company has introduced many unique and innovative vehicles.

Fifty years is a long time to be in the snowmobile business and is definitely cause for celebration.

For its 50th anniversary, Yamaha is bringing back an old namesake in what it calls a “step-up structure” effort to help develop of a passion in youth for the sport of snowmobiling.

“It is all about planting the seed and developing the passion at a very young and impressionable age with the 120s and now, the next step-up with the SnoScoot,” explained Yamaha snowmobile product planning manager Jon Blaicher. “This strategy serves us well with the dirt products.”

Exactly. In other sports, say like dirt biking, we start our kids out on small bikes, they move up to the next size and then the next size until they grow into a full-size bike. Using Yamaha’s dirt bikes as an example, start a kid on a YZ85, move him up to a YZ125, then a YZ250 and then, some day, a YZ450.

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