Forest Service Is Withdrawing Over-Snow Vehicle Use Map For Boise National Forest


Boise, Idaho - The Forest Service is withdrawing the Over-Snow Vehicle Use Map (OSVUM) for the Boise National Forest that was published on Feb. 11, 2016, under 36 CFR § 212 Subpart C, effective immediately. The OSVUM shall have no further force or effect.

The Forest Service is withdrawing the OSVUM to allow time to further review issues raised in the Aug. 29, 2017 Notice of Intent to Sue (NOI) submitted by WildEarth Guardians, Winter Wildlands Alliance, and The Wilderness Society. A new over-snow vehicle use map for the Boise National Forest will not be issued by the Forest Service until this review is complete and the Forest Service has responded to the NOI, and in any case no sooner than April 1, 2018.

Before issuing a new OSVUM, the Forest Service will also complete applicable requirements under 36 CFR §212 Subpart C for making designations for over-snow vehicle use. Over-snow vehicles are defined as motor vehicles designed for use over snow that run on tracks and/or a ski or skis while in use over snow. 36 CFR § 212.1. In the interim, Orders have been issued by the Forest Service that reinstate the closures and restrictions on over-snow vehicle use on the Boise National Forest that were in effect pursuant to the Forest Plan prior to publication of the OSVUM on Feb. 11, 2016, in accordance with 36 CFR § 261 Subpart B.

What does this mean for over snow travel this season? There will be no change in over-snow motor vehicle use on the Boise National Forest from the 2016-2017 season as a result of withdrawing the OSVUM. The Orders issued by the Forest Service are accompanied by maps showing the areas where over-snow vehicle use is allowed, prohibited or restricted. Additional short-term Orders may be issued for resource protection or public health and safety during the season in accordance 36 CFR §§ 261 Subpart B and 220.6(d)(1). Members of the public are encouraged to stop by a Forest Service office to obtain a free copy of the Orders and Maps.

For more information regarding over snow vehicle use on the Boise National Forest, please contact Danelle Highfill, Boise National Forest Recreation Program Manager at (208) 373-4142

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