Arctic Cat M 6000 Exceeds Expectations

Published in the December 2017 Issue August 2018 Feature Steve Janes

As a society we tend to put labels on a lot of things. And according to these labels our perspectives tend to be influenced. One glaring example is when you see two snowmobiles in a showroom—one with a 600 decal and the other with an 800 decal—your perspective is that the first must be for either a women or inexperienced rider and the second is for you.

However, if you were to strip the decals and go riding (not knowing they are different sizes yet assuming that both are same with merely some changes in setup), many would prefer the smooth engagement and easy handling of the 6 over the 8.

With the 2018 Arctic Cat M 6000 153, you are going to find a snowmobile that over-performs and always delivers on the snow. It may not have the horsepower of an 800cc machine, but it makes the most out of the 599cc engine output by gliding through the deepest snow in the steepest terrain.

Just like the M 8000, Arctic Cat tightened up the new Ascender platform to give the M 6000 a sleek and user-friendly design for deep snow applications. Cat engineers have spent a lot of effort perfecting the Mountain Drive System by lowering the driveshaft, narrowing the running boards and improving rider placement for a more central balance position.

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