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Q: What’s the difference between a vintage snowmobile and an antique snowmobile? – Bustedsnowballz

A: We get this question every once in a while. The difference is in the numbers – as in age. An antique snowmobile is one manufactured before 1968. Pretty cut and dry there. There won’t be any more antique snowmobiles than what already exists.

The number of vintage sleds continues to grow with each passing season, as a new model year becomes eligible for vintage classification. It’s not quite as black and white as antique sled classification, as most states have their own version of rules defining what qualifies as a vintage sled for trail riding purposes. In the eyes of most vintage aficionados, a sled that’s 25 years or older is considered vintage. Based on the fact that we’re in model year 2017 for sleds, that would make any sled manufactured in 1992 or earlier a vintage sled.


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