back tracks 1983 polaris sport

Amsnow is now

We have one that we use on a lot of vintage rides for great fun. This particular Sport was sold at Kenyon Lawn & Leisure from Chillicothe, Illinois and has only 1479 miles on it. How it got to Minnesota could be a great story on its own! Going back to the hardships of the winters of the early 1980s, and obviously Cat not selling sleds that year, Polaris wanted to appeal to more folks and get them to check out their snowmobiles. So the ingenious idea was to offer this decal package on this sled that was a nice dark green. Even the instructions on the hood under the windshield were green! Was this to maybe get Arctic Cat and John Deere people to buy them? Hmmm…

Scorpion snowmobiles also tried to do different colored hoods back in the early 70s to get other buyers from other brands but I don’t think that it worked out very well back then either.
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