New Adjustable Windshield For REV Gen4 Sleds

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BRP introduced a new adjustable windshield for the latest REV Gen4 platform based Ski-Doo snowmobiles that allows riders to change wind protection minute by minute. 

Riders have long expressed the desire to change windshield height as they ride throughout the day. Being able to start with a taller windshield during colder morning hours and then being able to lower it mid-day, as temperatures climb and for better vision, is what riders are looking for. 

This new kit addresses that need by moving the windshield four inches total with a unique lever system that’s both quick and secure. The range of 19-23 inches effectively moves it from a medium windshield height - to that of a high windshield.

When mounted on the sled, changing height is accomplished by flipping the lever up, sliding the windshield to the desired position and then pushing the lever back down to lock it in place. The slides the windshield moves on are robust and operate in all temperatures easily and smoothly, while the locking lever can be operated with gloves on.

Pricing is $249.99. More information can be found at

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