11 Year Old Kid Wins Chris Burandt's Respect On The Mountain

April 2017 Feature Viewed 46153 time(s)

During our recent trip to Chris Burandt's Back Country Adventure, we were taking a lunch break when we noticed a family roll into the same area and proceed to ride around. But something was different about this group. One of the most energetic riders, was an 11 year old boy (Jaxon Bakker) that could hardly touch the running boards. He was pinning the throttle, sidehilling, and showing zero fear of the 150 horsepower, 500 lb machine. 

One of those spectators happened to be Chris Burandt, and Burandt noticed this young kids skill and passion for the sport right away. Once the kid stopped, Burandt proceeded to head over to the group and give props to the kid. To everyones shock, especially the kid, Burandt offered to give him a ride on his $30,000 mod sled dubbed "Jenny Craig."

After the ride the young boy proceeded to thank Burandt for the rare opportunity and gave him a high five.

Burandt, you are truly an inspiration and a great role model for the sport! 


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