SnoWest Exclusive: First Look at KLiM's All-New F5 Helmet

March 2017 Feature Viewed 15343 time(s)

When KLiM set out to build a new helmet they had three fundamental goals in mind. Ventilation, fit, and weight. With the F4 already being the most ventilated helmet ever produced in snowmobiling, how were they going to top that? The engineers at KLiM realized that any helmet can vent at high speed, but not all of them can vent at low speeds (boondocking for example.)

To accomplish that they put huge vents on top which let radiant heat escape the top of the helmet. This is most noticeable when you’re really working hard on your sled in deep powder and ripping up creek beds.

The F4 also had a funky fit for some people, for others it fit like a glove. KLiM acknowledged this and set out to make sure the F5 fit a much broader range of heads.

The F5 is a carbon fiber shell that will come ECE rated. We talked to the engineers about the difference between ECE and DOT ratings. While DOT is the standard, ECE is more than safe enough for snowmobiling. DOT is a must have for street use where you’ll be bouncing across the pavement multiple times, luckily we have the luxury of snow to help counteract that.

The weight (or lack thereof) is phenomenal. This helmet feels feather light in our hands. Additionally, the shell is inherently smaller too. The less weight on your head, the less tired you'll be after a full day of riding. More importantly, the less weight you have on your head during a crash, the less chance of serious injury to your neck.

For those worried about the helmet venting too much, KLiM offers a gore-tex wind stopper insert that is very easy to install for those cold trail rides. This insert can easily be placed in your jacket pocket and go un-noticed.

The F5 will retail at $499 and comes with a very nice helmet bag, extra parts, breath box, and wind stopper liner. The F5 will be available Fall 2017. 

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