Product Review: Tobe Outerwear Vivid mono suit

February 2017 Product Tests, Feature Viewed 6422 time(s)

What the heck is it? 

The Tobe Outerwear Vivid mono suit is a windproof/waterproof mono suit that offers incredible features and comfort.

How bad will it hurt my wallet?

 MSRP is $749.95 which is comparable, if not cheaper, than some of the other top of the line mono suits in the market. 

How do I buy it? or local and online dealers.

What’s it do?

The Vivid mono suit is engineered to offer a high level of comfort and protection while keeping wind, water, and snow out. 

What Stands out?

The biggest stand out features of this piece are how comfortable it fits, the water proof phone pocket, the extra wide suspenders with buckle, and the zipper-less legs which offer incredible comfort. The sympatex shell works incredibly well at keeping the elements out and the Kevlar fabrics on the knees take some serious punishment.

Where does it fall short?

The only areas this piece falls short is having the hand pockets a little too low to easily use, and having the brand name selling power of it’s competitors.

What’s The Verdict?

Just because everyone else you ride with isn’t rocking this brand doesn’t mean you should be hesitant to give it a shot. After a few rides in the Vivid it quickly rose to the top as one of our favorite pieces of gear. There are some incredibly nice features that are unique to this piece such as the extra wide suspenders with integrated buckle, the water proof phone pouch, and the  amazing fit. Once you slip into a mono suit it’s hard to ever go back.

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