2018 Yamaha: Rebirth of the SnoScoot

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The 2018 Yamaha SnoScoot recieved a modern look and a 4-stroke powerplant. 

In 1988, Yamaha shocked the snowmobile world with the release of the Yamaha SnoScoot. It was a sled aimed towards the youth hoping to generate new riders and introduce them to the sport. An 80cc 2-stroke engine and tubular frame made it both light and fun for smaller riders. In 2018, (which just so happens to be Yamaha’s 50th Anniversary) they are giving a full re-birth to the iconic youth sled.

The SnoScoot chassis is big enough for both children and adults to have fun on.

The 2018 SnoScoot is a step up from a 120cc youth snowmobile. It features a larger chassis, 200cc 4-stroke engine with 9.1 HP @ 5400 RPM, double A-arm front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, a 10” X 90” Camso Cobra track with 1” lugs, and a full factory warranty.

Other features include:

  • Easy-pull starter with automatic compression relief
  • All new primary clutch 
  • Belt drive
  • New skis with tapered tips
  • Coil over rear shock
  • 4.5” travel up front
  • LED tail light
  • Graphics Kits
  • Mechanical fuel gauge 
  • Throttle Override Protection
  • Governor
  • Pre-filter on air intake
2018 Yamaha SnoScoot compared to the original 1988 model.

Yamaha is aiming to accomplish the same outcome the original 1988 SnoScoot did by attracting new young riders to our sport as well as establish a “Step Up” structure. Hopefully similar to what they do in the dirt bike world with the YZ85, YZ125, YZ250, etc. We have been missing this structure for a long time and give kudos to Yamaha for stepping up to the plate to fill this gap. Young riders are important to our sport and are crucial to keeping snowmobiling alive for generations to come.

Now, while we are very excited for the kids to ride these new SnoScoots, we have to be completely honest… We are more excited to ride these ourselves! We’ve had the chance to ride these little guys and it’s about as close to a pit bike as you can get in snowmobiling. They jump, sidehill, and wheelie similar to a full size sled. A few of these in the backyard with some buddies would be a blast. 

We decided to sidehill the SnoScoot just for fun and were blown away by the handling. 

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