2018 Ski-Doo: Taking The Freeride Experience to the Next Level

February 2017 Feature Viewed 87235 time(s) Web Exclusive

Ski-Doo pretty much broke the internet with the release of their Gen 4 Rev chassis and 850 motor last spring. While the entire sled community was raving about this new setup, one demographic was left wondering why they got left out, the Freeride crowd.

Well Freeriders, all that praying has paid off for you guys. For 2018 Ski-Doo is bringing out the artillery with their most expansive Freeride line up ever. From the super nimble and trail happy 137” Freeride to the newcomer to the group, the 165” Freeride. There are some differences between all the models so lets dive in to what makes these unique.

2018 Freeride with Ski-Doo Accessories wrap by SCS.

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