A Sledder's Dream Trailer

We test the Mirage Gooseneck Sport Snowmobile trailer

September 2016 Feature Viewed 17316 time(s)

(It's that time of year again to consider a new trailer. We're bringing this trailer review of a Mirage Gooseneck Sport snowmobile trailer back to the forefront. ––Ed.)

Our new Mirage Gooseneck Sport snowmobile trailer features a 26-foot deck length, perfect for up to 5 mountain sleds. We went with 6,000-lb axles for a solid ride that allows us to transport cars and off-road vehicles for our other magazines. 

Doors, doors, doors. Our custom order had man doors on both sides, plus this awesome front side ramp that has a vertical rear edge so we can still have the assist spring. The front edge is angled for easy sled drive-out. 

We're picky with trailer interiors, and this Mirage Gooseneck is among the top we've seen. We always prefer white interior walls and ceiling for good lighting. 

If storage is high on your list, Mirage should be too. There's the large cabinents up front over the nose, cabinents built into the step, and the upper storage cabinent. We opted to have the upper cabinent placed as far forward as possible so there's ample head room to walk around vehicles in the trailer. 

We love the fold-down benches and the work table (or breakfast bar, depending on how you use it).

The fit and finish is impressive. All seams and gaps along the edges are sealed and trimmed off. We prefer the flat deck and raised wheel wells.

Ample lighting is a big deal if you're working on sleds after rides. Our trailer has 10 LED interior lights.

Vertical E-track is the ticket to hauling dirt bikes in the summer. 

The audio system in our Mirage Gooseneck Sport is outstanding. It came with this Bluetooth-equipped head unit, amplifier, subwoofer and six high-quality speakers. 

Need more storage? The trailer's dual 12-volt batteries reside in this cabinent on the left side, but there's shelves and room for a lot of other things.

We opted for dual propane radiant heaters in our build. These get the trailer warm quickly.

A great solution to tie-down storage.

We added a couple tool chests and a few more accessories to make sure we have what we need in the trailer at all times.

The LED hookup light is a welcome touch. 

Since our truck has a 6.5-foot box, we used a gooseneck extender from B&W Hitches to move the trailer back from the cab. 

With the gooseneck extender, we can safely turn the trailer as sharp as the truck can turn without hitting the cab. 

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