BRP Introduces Ski-Doo X-Team For 2016-17

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North Branch, MN – BRP’s Ski-Doo snowmobile racing department announced its teams and drivers for the 2016-17 snowmobile race season at the Hay Days Grass Drags.

Leading the charge will be the Superteams that contest the ISOC National Snocross circuit and top racers like Tim Tremblay, Lincoln Lemieux and Adam Renheim who all finished in the top four positions last year and Elias Ishoel who is moving up to Pro Open.

At the Hay Days Grass Drag event, the season kick-off and largest snowmobile event in the world, race fans had the chance to meet and get autographs of their favorite Ski-Doo X-Team pilots, while viewing some of the actual hardware they race. The 2016 Iron Dog winning MXZ 600 X-RS sled, RMSHA 800cc Class Champion Freeride and snocross and oval sleds were on display for visitors to see.

Ski-Doo fans can expect to see factory-supported racers in the most popular disciplines led by snocross with it’s large audience, but also cross-country and hill-climb as all three have close ties to production snowmobiles.

The Ski-Doo MXZx 600RS sled is the basis for many of the X-Team racers and has proven to be a fast, tough competitor - winning at all levels of competition. Ski-Doo has been dominant on the ECS snocross series as yellow machines continue to win in both Pro Open and Pro Lite classes. Ingles Performance team racers are a mainstay on the ESC podium, and they’re looking to stay there in 2016-17. 

Cross country racing continues to see growth in popularity and racer participation. With Iron Dog and Cains Quest wins in 2016 and good showings in USXC races, Ski-Doo X-Team racers continue to build on the brand’s resurgence as more focus goes toward cross-country racing.

On the RMSHA hillclimb circuit, season champion in 800 Stock (Pro) and Racer of The Year Blaine Mathews looks to build on his success with teammates like Jay Mentaberry and Trent Hansaker pushing him. Racers and fans alike are looking forward to the debut of the Rotax 850 E-TEC powered Summit snwomobiles to compliment the strong Freeride 800R E-TEC performance.

On the ice ovals, legendary ROTAX power was at the top of the class once again last season. Matt Schulz led the 1,2,3, finish in Championship points for the coveted TLR Cup, while running away with the World Championship title in Eagle River. The teams are working hard to be even faster this season.

Ski-Doo X-Team racers will be competing in most racing disciplines throughout the snow belt with technical help and parts support from the Valcourt Race Shop.

For more information on Ski-Doo snowmobiles visit For more racing information, check our On Track blog on and the Ski-Doo Facebook page.

A partial list of racers and teams is below:


ISOC National Series

Scheuring Speed Sports: Tim Tremblay, Lincoln Lemieux.

Warnert Racing: Elias Isohel, Max Taillefer.

BOSS Racing: Adam Renheim, Aki Pijhala

Team Bauerly: Kurt Bauerly, Paul Bauerly, Kevin Wallenstein, Marcus Ogemar

Anderson Racing: Camryn Anderson, Korbyn Anderson, Kyle Anderson, Collin Anderson

Ingles Performance: Dany Poirier, Leo Patenaude, Hunter Patenaude.

Independents: Brian Peterson, Lee Truttmann, Cole Manning, Brad Meyer, Megane Brodeur, Patrick Brodeur, Cody Steinhaus, Colton Lugert, Dawson Lugert, Kendall Wilkes, Brady Love, more TBA.

CSRA National Series

London Recreation: Devin Wilson, Kyle Ward, Blake Taylor, Ric Wilson, Duncan Gresel. Barnett Racing: Colton Barnett, Dylan Barnett, Jack Polito.

Bailey Motorsports: Stale Eggen, Mitchell King, Stuart Hunt, Ryan Hunt, Christian Sarracini. Independents: Cedric Barrette, Riley Bear, Yanick Boucher, Jordan Desjardins, Taylor Desjardins, Martin Flynn, Stephen Gelinas, Jeremi Leblanc, Taylor McCoy, Mathieu Morin, JF Pitre, Jordan Rocchetta, Isaac St. Onge, Jody Verville, Sabrina Verville, CJ Williams, Stephanie Willis.

ECS Series

Ingles Performance: Dany Poirier, Leo Patenaude, Hunter Patenaude.

Independents: Tristan Huey, Tatum Hax, Theresa Max, Spencer DeLaBruere.

SCMX Series

Dex Savage, Dave Asselin, Donavan Asselin, Francois St. Laurent, Janathan Lebel, Michel Caplette, Samuel Couette, Martin St-Amand, Luc Villeneuve, Bruno Begin, Jordan Lebel, Keven Kelly, Erick Lengendre, Francis Pelletier.

Cross Country

Iron Dog

Tyler Akelstad, Tyson Johnson, Chad Gueco, Dusty VanMeter, Brad George, Robbie Schachle, Jordan Starr, Josh Plumb, Casey Boylan, Brian Lesley, John Dean, Dan Thibault, Eric Watson, Andrew Zwink, Nate Haines, Scott Franz, Chad Dow, Shane Grindle, Page 3 Tim Lessard, Remington Lessardl, Josh Norum, Jason Gunderson, Tyler Bogert, Brandon Burmeister.


Cory Davidson, Dillan Dohrn, Craig Ritzinger, Timmy Kallock, Jim Sobeck, Sam Vandeputte, Scott Pivec, Andy Junglien, Skyler Soyring, Cory Grant, Quenton Grant, Dustin Dohrn, Leah Bauer, Lydia Sobeck, Jacob Dahl, Bruce Olson


Robert Gardener, Whitey Covill, Glynn DeSilva, Barry Delphia, Chad Dow, Shane Grindle, Ben Humphrey, Ryan Jabs, Josh Morse, Sylvain Laflamme, Ken Murphy, Lucas Vaadi,

Grass Drag

Dave LaCanne, Lauren Marchbank, David Rempel, Mike Rempel, Denis Bonneville, Guy Breton, Denis Thomas



Scott Thompson, Mark Thompson, Mike Thompson, Carl Kuster, Steve Martin, Tom Roby, Daine Elliot, Luke Bledsoe, Blaine Mathews, Jay Mentaberry, Trent Hansaker, Danny Johnson, Cody Jennings, Josh Kennedy, Ben Cilensek, Hunter Johnson, Jadian Pfaff, Mitch Sherman.

Ice Oval Sprint

Matt Schulz , Cardell Potter, Travis McDonald, Gunner Sterne, Cody Knutson, Jerry Brickner, Yovich Racing.

Water X

Chad Maki.

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