longterm review 509 sinister x5 goggles

Goggles are easily the most abused piece of gear I own. As if low-hanging tree branches and snowball grenades aren’t enough, I am often in a huge rush leaving one locale and going to another. Many times my goggles just get shoved inside a helmet or thrown into a bag to mingle with other odds and ends. I know that’s not proper care, but it’s what I do because of time constraints and yes, my own laziness. But it’s also why the 509 Sinister X5 goggles have become a favorite of mine.

They’re durable and fit well in a variety of helmets. I would recommend the Sinister X5 goggles in almost any riding situation, especially with the updates made for the 2015 season.

You’ll learn from any 509 marketing material about their wide field of vision and anti-fog/anti-scratch lenses. I’ll vouch for all that, but what you don’t hear is how comfortable the goggles are. You don’t feel any pressure points, and you get a nice consistent seal around the edge of the goggles. A redesigned removable nosemask is a great update by 509 as well. When the temps get cold, it protects you from Old Man Winter’s bite and flying debris. When the weather warms up, you can snap it off the goggles in seconds and reattach it easily if needed.

509 has put out a solid product for a long time, but it keeps improving. The Sinister X5 goggle is one of its best efforts to date. Cost is $89.95.

More info: www.509films.com
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