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With the season having drawn to a close for the Rocky Mountain States Hillclimb Association (RMSHA), we decided to take a closer look at the results. 

Winning an overall class is impressive by itself, but racking up multiple championships in a single season is even more prestigious. Seven individuals ended the season having done just that and an eighth won one class championship and finished in the top three in four others.

Keith Curtis, racer #711 for Polaris, took home four championships by finishing first in 600 Stock, 800 Modified, 1000 Stock and Open Modified. He also placed second in 800 Stock.

Also winning four championships for Polaris was Kaycee Balls #183. She swept the womens classes taking first in Womens Stock 600, Womens Stock, Womens Improved and Womens Modified.

Todd Tupper #30, an Arctic Cat racer, won the title in three classes. He placed first in Pro Masters Stock, Pro Masters Improved and Pro Masters Modified.

The 2016 RMSHA Racer of the Year, Blaine Mathews #230 for Ski-Doo, ended the season with two championships in 800 Stock and 800 Improved. He placed second in both 800 Modified and 1000 Stock and took third in Open Modified.

Also on a Ski-Doo, Cody Jennings #454 won two championships in Semi Pro Stock and Semi Pro Improved and took second in Semi Pro Modified. 

David McClure #150, racing for Arctic Cat, also won two championships. He took first in 600 Improved and 700 Improved.

Mark Thompson #45 secured two more championships for Ski-Doo, winning both Pro Seniors Stock and Pro Seniors Modified.

Racing for Polaris, Luke Rainey #303 took the championship in 700 Stock, placed second in 600 Stock and 800 Improved and placed third in 800 Stock and 1000 Stock.


Keith Curtis #711

1. 600 Stock

1. 800 Modified

1. 1000 Stock

1. Open Modified

2. 800 Stock

Kaycee Balls #183

1. Womens Stock 600

1. Womens Stock

1. Womens Improved

1. Womens Modified

Todd Tupper #30

1. Pro Masters Stock

1. Pro Masters Improved

1. Pro Masters Modified

Blaine Mathews #230

1. 800 Stock

1. 800 Improved

2. 800 Modified

2. 1000 Stock

3. Open Modified

Cody Jennings #454

1. Semi Pro Stock

1. Semi Pro Improved

2. Semi Pro Modified

David McClure #150 

1. 600 Improved

1. 700 Improved

Mark Thompson #45 

1. Pro Seniors Stock

1. Pro Seniors Modified

Luke Rainey #303

1. 700 Stock

2. 600 Stock

2. 800 Improved

3. 800 Stock

3. 1000 Stock

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