This Might Be The Coolest Toy We’ve Ever Seen

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Spring should be right around the corner. That means it’s time to put up our skis and snowmobiles in place of something more akin to dirt roads. But what if you could have both a snowmobile and an ATV in one?

The KTM X2 Hybrid was created by Finnish designer Anssi Mustonen (digitally, of course), and it’s his vision for the perfect go-anywhere, do-anything vehicle. The hybrid aspect of this unique vehicle isn’t in the engine, but actually in the combination of both the usefulness of a snowmobile during the winter, with the capability of an ATV during summer and spring.

Rather than having to buy one or the other, or both, the KTM X2 is able to literally transform depending on the climate. Owners would be able to simply plug-and-play the desired method of transportation.

Thick, chunky tires give the X2 off-road prowess, while sleek snowmobile skis and a rubber track allow for winter hoonage. Engine and transmission would remain the same, though, an added on windshield and engine cover might be useful in the snow.

At this point, it’s just a concept. But for those living in rural, cold climates, it combines two of the most essential vehicles into one. KTM, take note.

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