Polaris 2017: Everything You Need to Know About the New Polaris RMK Mountain Sleds

February 2016 Feature, Polaris Ryan Harris

The big news for Polaris fans for 2017 is the addition of a 174-inch track length on the Axys-based 800 Pro RMK. Aside from that, there's a new 600 RMK 144, and the Switchback Assault's move over to the Axys platform. 

All 2017 Axys-based models get a new, larger MessageCenter digital gauge. 

2017 800 Pro RMK 174 LE

You read that right––LE. As in Limited Edition. Most 174s will go out as Snow Check orders, but dealers will have a limited availability of 174s this fall. The 174 comes in one LE package, available in two color options: Titanium Gray / Orange and Titanium Gray / Lime Squeeze.

Here's the details on the 800 Pro RMK 174 LE:

  • Purpose-built for climbing and flotation.
  • Optimized to get stuck less and stay on top of snow.
  • Instantaneous lift, rider balanced control, immediate response – same traits as the 155 and 163 Pro RMKs.
  • Retained light weight (compared to competitor models).
  • New RMK 174 Rear Suspension:
    • Lightweight and rigid.
    • Rear torque arm and rear shock moved back 3.75 inches.
    • Rear arm tunnel hanger moved back 3.75 inches.
  • The entire chassis is rotated rearward around driveshaft (This raises the bulkhead angle up by 1.5 degrees and the tunnel is flattened by 1.5 degrees).
  • The 174 comes with Series 7 3-inch track. (It's a 3.0-pitch)
  • Chain case drive.
  • Walker Evans Piggyback Clicker shocks (all LE models come with these shocks. They are the shocks that 60% of consumers picked on their snow checked RMKs).
  • PowderTrac running boards (same length as the boards on 163 and 155).
  • Titanium Gray with Lime Squeeze or Titanium Gray with Orange.

If you Snow Check your 800 Pro RMK 174, you get to select the color, handlebar height and storage options.

Want to read our impressions of how the 800 RMK 174 performs? Check out the March issue of SnoWest Magazine.

800 Pro RMK 155 and 163 

No major changes to these two models for 2017. There is an LE version availble, with the same Titanium Gray / Lime Squeeze and Titanium Gray / Orange as the 174 LE. Again, with a Snow Check order of the LE, you get to select the color, handlebar height and storage options.

800 Pro RMK 155

600 RMK

The 2017 600 RMK is in the Axys chassis now.

This entry-level mountain sled is packed with soem pretty cool features:

  • Axys 144 Chassis
  • IGX 144 Rear Suspension (Ideal Geometry Crossover)
  • PowderTrac Hybrid running boards (flat platform at front portion of the boards and a wide, angled area toward the rear half of the boards. Extruded aluminum).
  • 600 Cleanfire engine.
  • Narrow front end.
  • RydeFX shocks.
  • Gripper skis.
  • Underseat storage.
  • Series 4 2.0-inch track.

800 Switchback Assault

Another popular Polaris model makes the move to the Assault chassis for 2017. The Switchback Assault represents the biggest chunk of crossover sales for Polaris. It gets:

  • Standard underseat storage.
  • 800 H.O. Cleanfire engine.
  • LED Headlights.
  • Walker Evans Needle Shocks.
  • Wide front end.
  • PowderTrac Hybrid running boards.
  • IGX 144 rear suspension.
  • Polaris Interactive Digital Display (Snow Check option) or MessageCenter Gauge.
  • Axys 144 chassis.

2017 800 SKS

800 H.O. Cleanfire Engine

Here's how the 800 Pro RMK 174 LE looks agains the 800 Pro RMK 155. You can see the difference in the tunnel angle (top of tunnel line) and the rear torque arm assembly location.

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