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Edited excerpts from Jan./Feb. 1992 issue of American Snowmobiler
Up first was the “500” class. Based on previous evaluations, we didn’t expect a new outcome, but we were pleasantly surprised at how well balanced this group of machines was. Speeds were taken via radar this year at 750 feet.

Although you can’t make any conclusions, we will still make a few “observations.” First, we expected the EXT Special to do well. It proved a solid runner last year and didn’t disappoint us this year. The Cat pulled a solid 71 miles per hour through the tough course. The year before, a similar Cat managed 73 mph over the eighth mile (660 feet).

Second, the Indy 500 SP (fuel injected) and the new stock Formula Plus were a pleasant surprise. The Indy gives away 100cc in displacement to virtually all in the “500” class. For it to run 69 mph over the dirty 750 feet was as impressive as its 72 mph in the eighth last year.

Equally impressive was the new 580cc Plus. Last year’s Plus X version hit 70 mph over the eighth. The X model is a performance-oriented setup versus the trail setup on the 580 Plus model. This standard Plus turned in a 69 mph run over the rocky and dirty course. Perhaps a 1992 Plus X with the RAVE engine would run stronger, but what we saw from the smaller carbed and non-RAVE standard Plus was pleasing to us trail riders. Ski-Doo had done nice things with this model and the Battle proved it.
Yamaha’s Exciter showed a top end of 67 mph and a best ET of 9.933, just a titch shy of the Indy 500 SP.
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