wild mach z ice racer


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Also, check out the brand new Camso (formerly Camoplast) 9902R ice drag track. This one is shaved down from stock for less drag at high speeds. Basically, this sled is running on stud/chisel tips at top speed with an approximately 12-degree angle of attack. This means that only the back 18 inches of the track actually touch the ice … what you want for fast drag racing. The track is also kept as tight as possible to avoid any excess “ballooning” while running on “beautifully prepared (pool table smooth) NBSSR ¼-mile tracks up in Ontario.” (No worries, Cliff. We got your plug in the article!)  

This Mach Z has reached speeds in excess of 140mph at the NBSSR, but it is only raced at closed-course race venues.

For you?
These shocks ain’t cheap, and the setup will probably run even more than the shocks. Since this was a demo and trial basis, the exact cost will vary, but suffice it to say that several thousand dollars is not out of the question. Cliff told me it was like handling gold! If you are looking for a similar setup from Tricked Toys, you will be one of very few people with this type of setup.

Since this is a more race-oriented machine, AmSnow has Cliff and his folks working on a tamed down version for application on a truly stock trail sled – a fabulous Ski-Doo 800 E-TEC (120mph in a ¼-mile on ice at the NBSSR). We are even MORE excited to show that build to the AmSnow masses, so stay tuned!
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