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2016 Timbersled Mountain Horse:

Dirt bikes have nimble handling, plush suspension and limited power. For 2016 the Timbersled Team focused on adding that nimble dirt bike feel, maximizing power transfer to the snow, and on designing a rear suspension that not only had a perfect travel path, but was so ultra-sensitive to terrain and snow consistency changes that it could rise on top of the snow like no other snow bike conversion system ever conceived. 

Chasing efficiency is not just accomplished by going light-weight. It comes through perfecting a suspension’s compression path to eliminate parasitic loss from track tensioning changes, by significantly reducing rotating mass, by enhancing response at the moment of inertia, and by questioning everything.

Timbersled Suspension Strut (TSS)

The new  (Patent Pending) Timbersled Suspension Strut (TSS) is the single largest improvement that’s ever been made to the Mountain Horse Snow bike system
Imagine being able to ride an ST, LT, or SX Mountain Horse kit with over 20 inches of rear suspension travel. Now you can. The TSS does much, much more than this. We feel it’s truly revolutionary.

The Timbersled Suspension Strut will fit any 2016 ST, LT, SX120 or SX137 Mountain Horse kit and all 2011-2015 ST and LT kits. It is packaged as a complete rear Fit Kit system, OR a rear-only Fit Kit system for those that want to upgrade. The TSS kit includes the Timbersled Strut Shock, sealed pivoting reducers and bushings, Float pump, engine air intake system, and instructions. It installs in a similar fashion to the fixed strut fit kits.

KX450 shown (above) un-weighted, with TSS installed on 2016 ST kit. Note the back of the rear fender’s position. 

Note the rear fender tip is nearly touching the gas can under full compression of the TSS. This system provides an incredible amount of plush, responsive, linkage-like suspension that you have to ride to believe. It is adjustable for different rider weights and abilities. 
The Patent Pending Timbersled Suspension Strut kit can be swapped between many of the bikes on our Fit Kit chart. On some dirt bikes it requires modifying or removing the air box. 
What does the TSS really do? Aside from adding additional suspension travel, it does many things. TSS adds that dirt bike “pivot” in the rear suspension that we’ve all dreamt of but that snow bikes have never had; making the 2016 Mountain Horse feel shorter and more nimble.  The pivoting swing arm effect makes your bike feel very responsive, narrower, and familiar- just like it’s on dirt tires. TSS centers that suspension pivot back under the rider, and it’s a massive step closer to truly replicating the “motorcycle feel” on snow.

TSS helps the Convex suspension leap on top of the snow allowing the 2 points of suspension to work in perfect harmony with each other creating maximum traction efficiency.  TSS also allows the entire rear suspension to work as one long, flat approach angle which allows it to maintain its position in a climb, putting a lot more traction into the hill by transferring more weight onto the track and allowing the Mountain Horse to accelerate or hold its gear in an impressive manner.

TSS also provides a level of bump absorption that handles big g-outs with ease AND takes all the harshness out of the small bumps. TSS is incredibly hard to describe- this is why we clearly state that TSS is the single largest improvement we’ve ever designed for the Mountain Horse.

TSS is not just some off the shelf shock mounted up to a Mountain Horse kit. Many have tried that and have failed. TSS is a complete custom solution designed by Fox and Timbersled, and is patent pending in multiple countries.

TSS is available to order with 2016 Snow Check orders. TSS Fit Kits will be available in the late Fall of 2016. 
TSS rear-only Fit Kits are $898 and complete TSS front/rear Fit Kits are $1098. All prices are Retail.

Convex Pivoting Rear Suspension 
While others were busy trying to copy previous Timbersled designs, we had all our resources and expertise out on snow testing the Convex pivoting rear suspension.

The new Convex pivoting rear suspension was designed to be the most efficient, best climbing, smoothest riding, most dirt bike-like, and most ultra-sensitive snow bike specific rear suspension possible. 

Creating the ultimate purpose-built snow bike suspension meant finding the perfect balance. Timbersled will never trade durability to save ounces, so we made it more durable, and we made it lighter. We couldn’t trade ride quality for efficiency, but we wanted significant efficiency gains. It had to climb substantially better. It had to get on top of the snow quicker in every condition. 

There is a specific relationship– like a dance– between the front and rear arms of the rear suspension. The front arm must be long enough to yield the ultimate approach angle, yet short enough to couple and un-couple the rail with the rear arm to give the responsiveness, bump control, and handling we desired.  Finding this balance is the black art of suspension masters– and Timbersled found it with our new Convex pivoting long arm design. It’s the balance a snow bike has never seen, and the ultimate platform for our new TSS System.

The Convex suspension is 2 pounds lighter than our industry-leading Mountain Tamer rear suspension. Its track path is near perfect which eliminates track tensioning power loss under compression. Its ride is more supple, with built-in hole swallowing sag. It is so well balanced that we achieved better ride quality with significantly less pre-load in the shocks; which further increased the Convex pivoting suspensions’ sensitivity to terrain changes.  The new design also uses improved suspension geometry, reduces stiction, and was designed as a low-friction suspension. 


The Convex pivoting suspension utilizes Timbersled’s (patent pending) proven adjustable flexing Front Flex Arm technology that can significantly enhance trail and hard snow handling, and eliminate unwanted side-to-side terrain input that pushes your bike around. The Convex Flexing Arm has 3 positions from full open to locked out, providing from 0 to 8 degrees of movement which gives you full control over front rail articulation and hard pack feel. The Convex Flexing Arm allows the rear suspension to feel narrower like a tire, and it helps keep your bike level as you ride across uneven terrain.


The Convex pivoting suspension utilizes new efficient 3.25” upper track wheels on both the front and rear arms; drastically lowering rolling resistance. The smaller idler wheels have also created more clearance for the deeper lug track, without the need to increase the height of the suspension. We’ve also made the Convex suspension easier to grease, which lessens friction and helps dispel water.  
*Colored frame, suspension arms and colored graphics are only available to order during our April Snow Check event.

Bottomless Rail System                   


Further enhancing the new Convex Pivoting suspension, is Timbersled’s new Bottomless Rail System (BRS). BRS allows us to tune for every situation that the rear suspension encounters– including those massive g-outs we rarely see coming. The BRS system provides a near bottomless suspension feel, by absorbing those disc crushing g-out forces into Timbersled’s new rail mounted jounce bumper system. BRS adds additional suspension travel, and a level of plushness, protection, and suspension feel never before seen in the snow industry.


Convex 2.5 Track

The new Convex 2.5 easily outperforms all other designs by increasing efficiency, handling, and reducing weight. The Convex 2.5 has a very specific “Convex” shape that is designed to better mimic a tire with a seamless roll-center.

The new 2016 Convex 2.5 track has no equal. Imagine taking decades of snowmobile and snow bike knowledge and riding experience, analyzing every track ever created, and focusing this into a single track designed specifically for a snow bike.  The new Convex 2.5 track easily outperforms all other designs while increasing efficiency, handling, and reducing weight. To promote hyfax life we have also chosen to stay with a fully clipped track.

The Convex 2.5 has a very specific “Convex” shape that is designed to better mimic the feel of a tire with a seamless roll-center, while still standing up when you stop.  The responsiveness, tire-like hard pack handling, and incredible nimbleness are just some of the results of its very specific shape.

The Convex 2.5 utilizes Timbersled’s latest dual durometer technology to get you Anywhere you want to go. Imagine a runner wearing shoes with hard rubber soles, or dirt bike tires with only one hardness of rubber– those just don’t work. Dual durometer designs allow the belt and paddles to excel in varying conditions– like powder and harder snow.

The custom paddle layout further enhances deep snow performance and traction. The new Convex 2.5 paddle is not just taller and lighter than it’s predecessor– the paddle structure, shape, profile, location, composition, and durability characteristics are all a result of the Timbersled brain-trust.

The Convex 2.5 paddle relationship amplifies decades of proven snowmobile and snow bike track designs, offering the perfect pattern for both powder and hard pack; and its’ paddle distance maintains the balanced roll center. Other tracks use ultra-wide paddle spacing, which hampers firm snow performance and negates any roll center benefits due to premature paddle compression.

The taller, softer center paddle works proactively with the shorter stiffer paddles on the outside edges of the track to generate maximum traction without sacrificing engine power. The traction gained from a multi-height paddle and a multi-stiffness paddle is impressive.

Stop on a deep day and look inside your track. Timbersleds’ proven center porting reduces weight, rolling resistance, and keeps your suspension free of heavy sticky snow. Non ported tracks tend to retain snow and carry excessive weight inside the suspension.

The Convex 2.5 track also utilizes our specific protected flex edge technology, that has been on Mountain Horse kits for several seasons.

Chain clearance was also considered, and a chain clearance groove was added.

Because the performance gains with the Convex 2.5 are so dramatic, we knew all Mountain Horse riders should benefit from upgrading to the Convex 2.5. Through its’ Dealers, Timbersled will offer a Convex 2.5 track upgrade kits that will fit all 2011-2015 Mountain Horse ST and LT and SX kits.

How can Timbersled design a track that’s lighter, offers more traction, feels more like a tire, climbs higher, is more efficient and works better than any other track ever designed? Nothing beats the best technology combined with the most experience.

Dominator Drive System

Our #1 drive system focus is to create the most efficient and most reliable system possible. Technology fads come and go, but proven drive technologies stand the test of time.

After studying, building and testing all other potential Mountain Horse drive systems; results clearly proved what we already knew– the chain drive is the most reliable, most readily available, and most trusted drive system for dirt bikes in existence.

For 2016 Timbersled is proud to release a lighter more efficient drive system that is designed to get you to Anywhere AND back to the truck– every time. Belts are susceptible to damage. Shafts drives are inefficient and expensive, and warp drives aren’t viable yet.

Our new drive system boasts a rotating weight reduction of over 2 pounds, as well as significant increases in strength and efficiency. We’re utilizing a new  x-ring nickel plated chain, and new custom lightweight drilled and splined sprockets manufactured by JT sprockets to Timbersleds’ specs; and mounted on Timbersleds own machined splined shafts.

The new JT sprockets are made from SCM420 chromoly steel alloy, and are held firm by our new quick change locking nuts, similar to what is used on Japanese motorcycle countershaft sprockets.

Many gear combinations are available, and gear changes are now quick and easy. Timbersled will be offering 16t, 17t, 18t lightweight splined sprockets.

More Improvements-New Fork Clamp system:


New, stronger and taller fork clamps utilize a special nylon  insert that protects fork tubes and disperses impact forces. Front-only fit kits, and new fork clamps are now available. (New clamp shown on the left fork leg, old clamp on the right.)

All Timbersled Mountain Horse ST, LT, and SX kits are designed to have a universal fitment to almost any dirt bike listed on our Fit Kit Chart. A “Fit Kit” is the set of spacers, reducers, and other parts that allow you to bolt a Mountain Horse kit to your dirt bike. This makes our Mountain Horse kits very re-sellable, and allows customers to upgrade their dirt bike and keep the same Mountain Horse kit, or upgrade to the 2016 Mountain Horse kit and use the same Fit Kit.

For 2016, Fit Kits are now interchangeable on ST, LT, and SX models. We offer 2 kinds of fit kits (suspension or solid strut), and they can be adapted to any of the 2016 models we sell.

For 2016 we will continue to offer our traditional “Solid strut Fit Kits” like we’ve had in the past. We will also offer the new Timbersled Suspension Strut (TSS) Fit Kits. Both Solid and TSS Fit Kits will now be available as complete Fit Kits (pic above), or rear-only Fit Kits that do not include the front fork clamps or reducers.

New strut rod lower bolt-  Our new bolt has full shank engagement on load bearing areas, and utilizes a new longer counter-bored fine threaded nut that spans past the thread end and over the shoulder of the bolt as it hangs through the strut rod bracket. Comes standard on the 2016 models, and available as an upgrade for all ’11-’15 models.  


SKF bearings- Timbersled now buys purpose-built bearings factory direct through SKF, which is considered to be the best bearing manufacturer in the world.

Chain case cover material- On ST and LT kits, Timbersled now uses the latest DuPont technology with impact modified polymers and new internal radiusing to enhance impact resistance. SX kits use welded aluminum chain case covers

Mountain Horse Models 
Mountain Horse Short Track (ST) Kit 

The 2016 Mountain Horse ST is the most well liked, do-anything snow bike kit. It is equally at home on a leisurely trail ride, carving deep powder, or flying through the air. 
ST Features:

X       120” x 12.5” Convex 2.5 Track

X       New Long Arm Convex Pivoting Suspension

X       Can use either Fixed Strut or new TSS Fit Kit

X       3.3 gallon fuel can and quick release strap included

X       Custom valved FOX Zero Pro shocks

X       Many cargo accessories available

Who should ride the ST kit? The ST kit is perfect for most riders; it’s the jack-of-all-trades snow bike kit. It works very well with 250F 4-strokes, 250cc or 300cc 2-strokes, and big HP turbo bikes. It is extremely impressive on a deep powder day, and handles hard pack or firm snow like a champ. The Mountain Horse ST does well in conditions such as spring snow, powder snow, crusty snow, yellow snow, and so on.

ST kit: $5300 USD
Kit includes: Track system, spindle, 10” Backcountry ski, 3.3 gal. fuel can and quick release strap system.
Requires a Fit Kit. See Fit Kit (link) chart for details. *Shown with optional accessories.

Mountain Horse Long Track (LT) Kit 

The 2016 Mountain Horse LT is the undisputed king of the steeps. If you can’t handle 2nd place, or you crave those 4’ deep powder days- the LT is your steed.

X       137” x 12.5” Convex 2.5 Track

X       New Long Arm Convex Pivoting Suspension

X       Can utilize either Fixed Strut or new TSS Fit Kit

X       3.3 gallon fuel can and quick release strap included

X       Offers more traction than any other kit on the planet

X       Custom valved FOX Zero Pro shocks

Who should ride the LT kit? The LT is for the rider who deliberately chooses to go out on those waist-deep days and loves it. It’s for the rider who likes to break trail, and who wants to know he’s riding what it takes to get back up the gnarly ravine he just came down. It’s also for the rider who lives to explore; and doesn’t want to worry about riding fast or carrying speed through a tough spot; because the LT has the float and traction to pull through. Whether you’re a fast rider, or a beginner, the LT is pure confidence on snow. Like the shorter ST, the LT works very well in many different snow conditions. It is very stable on the trail, and provides a solid feel.

While any weight rider will do well on the LT, we suggest that any riders over about 220lbs seriously consider the LT over the ST to gain added float and traction.

The LT works well on many bikes, but we recommend the LT for 450cc’s and up. The LT has also found its home on the 300cc 2-strokes with good success. Overall, the LT is the most confidence inspiring, will pull the steepest line on a hill, and is the most forgiving Mountain Horse kit on deeper days.

LT kit: $6000 USD
Kit includes: Track system, spindle, 10” Backcountry ski, 3.3 gal. fuel can and quick release strap system.
Requires a Fit Kit. See Fit Kit (link) chart for details.

Mountain Horse Snow Cross SX120 and SX137 Kits:

The Mountain Horse Snow Cross (SX) kits began life as purpose-built race machines- but they’ve proven to be equally at home in the steep and deep as they have on the trails of the mid-west.  The Mountain Horse SX kits are the most responsive and longest travel snow bike kits on the planet. 
SX kits use a 2” narrower track and tunnel than the ST or LT kits, as well as race specific frame and suspension geometries.

For 2016, the SX no longer uses the 3rd shock on its frame. The SX now uses the same fit kits as the ST and LT kits, and can use either the traditional Solid Strut Fit Kit, or the new Timbersled Suspension Strut Fit Kit. This effectively lowers the price of the SX kits, and (using the TSS Fit Kit) provides a whole new level of SX suspension.

X       Ultra-responsive narrow 10.5” Convex 2.5 track

X       Available in 120” or 137” lengths

X       Full length lightweight mountain tunnel

X       Tunnel top is pre-drilled for gas rack and cargo rails

X       Gas can and rack sold separately

SX120 kit: $ tbd
SX137 kit: $ tbd
Kit includes: Track system, spindle, 10” Backcountry ski.
Requires a Fit Kit. See Fit Kit (link) chart for details.

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