politically uncorrect

Let’s face it, drama, politics and snowmobiling have gone hand in hand in our sport for decades. Ever since the very first two sleds raced each other across a corn field, there have been heated discussions about performance, brands, abilities, locales and more. We are great bench racers and are also proud (as country star Gretchen Wilson says) to be ‘politically uncorrect’ in many of our discussions!

Sledders don’t pull any punches, we will tell you exactly what we think even if you are a total stranger. I believe this stubborn attitude and, sometimes, lack of tact is one reason technology and performance in the snowmobile industry has progressed by leaps and bounds. Name another tiny motorsport segment as small as snowmobiling that has as many vehicle options, racing circuits or new chassis?

Consumers willingness to talk is certainly one of the reasons racing is still so popular among snowmobilers. Of course, snow helps, and the last couple winters have put down plenty in the upper Midwest, Northeast, Rocky Mountain riding areas and up into the Great White North and throughout Canada. Most of the popular snowmobile destinations, even the not so popular, had snow last year.

There is a little bit of racer in every snowmobiler’s blood. Heck, my grandma broke her arm when she was 80 years old trying to race us kids on her old Phazer through a
homegrown cross-country racetrack on property in northern Michigan. That racing spirit is exactly why we take one magazine issue every year and set aside a special section dedicated to racing. We can’t get to EVERY event, but this issue is a great set of Cliff Notes on the upcoming season and entertaining info on organized snowmobile racing in general.

So be proud to be a little ‘politically uncorrect’ because in a small way you are fueling the passion that keeps snowmobiling, racing, technology, rivalries and bonds in the sled community going strong.
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