freeride 800s backcountry hillclimb racersleds more versatile for 2015

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It’s important to note extreme backcountry riders and hillclimb racers represent a VERY small, but growing part of the market. While these sleds are marketed towards the extreme image, they work well for a much bigger group of riders. With a slightly wider ski stance and better suspension, these backcountry sleds have much better trail handling than the narrower mountain sleds. By striking a good balance between trail and mountain handling these sleds are perfect for trail riders who also ride the mountains. Like we said before, these are a great choice for Midwest riders who travel West a few times a winter, but still want to trail ride or boondock at home.

The three manufacturers each offer their own unique flavor and sled with its own strengths. When it comes to overcoming gravity and ripping up a mountain, weight is a huge factor, and Polaris leads that category with their Pro-Ride chassis.

Arctic Cat has an excellent, fast motor with a racer-stiff shock package resulting in a blazing sled that loves to be ridden hard.

Like all Ski-Doo’s, the Freeride has a high-quality feel and the exciting E-Tec motor makes the sled a joy to ride. The wild color and graphic package might not be for everyone, but the fun factor certainly is.
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