what is the good deal

Who is the ‘good deal guy’ in your family?

We all have one, a grandfather, dad, brother, uncle, 2nd cousin twice removed on your mother’s side…there’s a person in every family constantly going on and on about the ‘greatest deal in the world’. It turns out in my family, that often annoying person is me. I LOVE deals!

My wife calls me cheap, but I say I’m ‘thrifty’. Nobody likes overpaying. But some of us will go to extreme lengths... like depleting the savings account to buy a boat sight-unseen and have it shipped from Oklahoma, just because it was A GREAT DEAL. (I may, or may not, be speaking from personal experience.)

But most of my time looking for deals is for friends who want a new or specific snowmobile, parts, or the coolest new gear. One place to find great deals is at swap meets, especially Hay Days in Minnesota in September. Another way to find those great deals is at Snow Shows like the Snowmobile USA shows in the fall in Milwaukee, Wis. and Novi, Mich.

However, before you can truly be a ‘Master Deal Finder’ you have to do your research. That’s one of the reasons AmSnow brings you an exclusive Buyers Guide issue every year. We want you to have all the ammunition you can so you can feel confident in your purchases for the upcoming season. The Great Deal is not always the cheapest deal (see the story about the boat), but one you feel you got great quality and will bring you enjoyment for years to come. So remember, it isn’t always about the price tag because you can’t put a price on the smiles you will be sporting! No price is too high for the fantastic feeling you get from your son, daughter, family or friends having fun with you.

So, take a good, hard look at our Best of the Best sleds for 2015 and our extensive 2015 Charts and Specs as well as our reviews on New Products and Apparel before you head off to find fall deals. We’ve got two huge Comparison Tests, four Long-Term Tests, and a bonus page teeming with tons of Real World testing stats over the last seven model years. At the end of this issue you’ll be better equipped for the buying season and might just become the ‘good deal guy’ in your family!
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