Zero Skills for This Finnish Snowmobile Rider

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(ED-We came across this on the Internet-on the Autoevolution website-and find it kind of funny. The headline above is the one from Autoevolution but that's not the headline on the video as seen on YouTube. Anyway, it's kind of funny. The text is from Autoevolution.)

It's sad to see a fellow with pretty much zero riding skills being allowed to test any vehicle, snowmobiles included. That is, because chances to wreck it are really big, pretty much as big as those for becoming injured. The video speaks for itself.

According to the uploader, the snowmobile had just received a new engine before this test took place. It looks like the engine section worked well, but the machine is now in need of some reworking of the steering.

At least it's good to see that the "brave" rider is safe and both him and the one recording this major fail are laughing. No word on some vodka involved in this, even though the two guys being Finnish, we cannot rule this possibility out.

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