Go Snowmobiling/Take A Friend Snowmobiling Campaign Gearing Up For The Cold, Snowy Forecast

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Cold temperatures and record snowfall so far this season are motivating snowmobile clubs and associations throughout North America to begin making plans for Take a Friend Snowmobiling activities to be held this winter.

Event planning has begun in many associations which are contacting the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association office to obtain campaign support material. The Take a Friend Snowmobiling week is scheduled for Feb. 8-17, 2014 but events can be held any time throughout the winter. Take a Friend Snowmobiling is a campaign to encourage snowmobilers to take a non-snowmobiling friend out and introduce them to snowmobiling. Research shows that most people would like to go snowmobiling and, in fact, rate their level of interest a "9" on a 10 point scale.

The Go Snowmobiling campaign is expanding as more clubs and associations are visiting the www.gosnowmobiling.org website to obtain information on how to hold a Go Snowmobiling event. Activity on the www.gosnowmobiling.org website continues to increase and the web site is an excellent source of information for snowmobilers and non-snowmobilers alike.

Snowmobile shows held across North America have experienced record activity and attendance. Chambers of commerce and visitor and convention bureaus in the snowbelt understand the importance of snowmobiling to the economic activity for their region and are also reaching out to support the Go Snowmobiling campaign. Clubs and chambers of commerce are partnering to hold events in their local area.

With snowy forecasts in the near future for most of North America, outdoor enthusiasts are looking forward to the prospect of going snowmobiling this winter.

ISMA's Facebook page www.facebook.com/GoSnowmobiling is expanding and presently has more than 2700 "likes." Visit the page and "like" it to be kept up on events and fun snowmobiling posts. Snowmobilers from around the globe are sharing stories, pictures and ideas through that Facebook page.

This will be a great winter to take a friend snowmobiling and participate in a club or association ride.

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