Is it Just Me?

Published in the November 2013 Issue Lane Lindstrom

Is it just me or do the snowmo­biles in the opening scene of Despicable Me 2 look like the original Ski-Doo SK-60 sleds built back in 1960? Now, this is a movie with all sorts of James Bond-kinda cool gadgets and they choose to make the snowmobile look like it’s from more than 50 years ago? If they needed a photo of a more mod­ern one, they could call us—we have thousands of pictures of snowmobiles they could have used as models for a more modern snowmobile. Or call our Hollywood buddy Chris Fiore. He always has a snowmobile around that they could use.

Is it just me or were you a little (or maybe a lot) glad to receive even a little rain late this summer? (Coloradoans, however, probably feel much differ­ently about that than I do after many parts of the state received record amounts of rainfall late this sum­mer and into early fall. During a trip through Colorado in mid-September, as we flew over that area, we couldn’t believe the overflowing rivers, flooded homes and farmlands, etc.)

Any precipitation was appreciated during the hot, dry summer elsewhere. I’m just hoping that precipitation theme just keeps on rolling through November, December, January, February, March and April. If that were to happen we would have an epic winter, especially in Colorado. By the way, it’s snowing in northern Alaska right now. I know because I checked the weather up there and saw it on a live cam (see my column last month to know what that’s all about).

Is it just me or does summer seem to take forever to get over? Our last snowmobile ride this past winter season was April 24 (one heck of a good ride, by the way) and I was ready to ride again in May ... and June ... and July .... I admit there are times (albeit, very few) when I want to put the sled away for a few days, but then I slap myself for even thinking that and am ready to go again right away. For some reason, at least for me, when I’m out snowmobiling, all my cares in the world seem to melt away. Snowmobiling is refreshing, exhilarating and allows me to experience winter in a way few others do.

Is it just me or does it feel like there’s been a lull in the attacks on snowmobiling by the environmental zealots (and certain national forest offi­cials)? It probably just seems that way, what with all the other things going on on a national level, i.e., healthcare, immigration, noxious weeds, that kind of stuff. However, I assure you that our fight to keep public lands open to snowmobiling is not going away and we need to remain ever vigilant, even when it does seem like there’s a lull. I, like you, wish others would just let us be, but there are groups out there who won’t stop until we’re stopped.

Is it just me or am I the only one excited about the new Cat M6000? Yes, mountain 800s are all the rage but I think there is a definite place—and need—for mountain 600s. You’ll read plenty about that segment in this issue, but let me just say I can’t wait to get some seat time on this new sled. Cat just made the 600 class that much better.

Is it just me or do you never get tired of looking at the mountains? I have travelled quite a bit this past summer and have flown over a lot of mountains and I just stare at them, mes­merized by their ruggedness and natural beauty. I especially like the mountains after a fresh snowfall when all the trees are draped in white. You can have your ocean views; I’ll take the mountains.

Is it just me or wouldn’t you (maybe some of you already have) love to go into an Arctic Cat-Yamaha dealership and say to one of the sales­men, “I can’t decide which sled looks better, the Cat or the Yamaha, what do you think?” and then see what he answers? That would be a candid cam­era moment for sure.

Is it just me or doesn’t the whole Arctic Cat-Yamaha joint venture still seem a bit intriguing? We hear that next year is the year for a new mountain sled from Yamaha and I have spent probably hours conjuring up all sorts of ideas of what it might be and look like.

Is it just me or do you kind of wish for the days when your sled was so old you could “mix it up” with you buddies on their snowmobiles and not worry about having to mortgage your home to pay for the repairs?

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