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Published in the November 2013 Issue

Mountain Tek Turbocharger Kit

Mountain Tek Performance (MTNTK) has announced the next evolution in two-stroke turbocharger kits. All new for the Polaris Pro Ride chassis is MTNTK’s tur­bocharger kit featuring the Borg Warner EFR line of turbochargers and includ­ing a lightweight titanium aluminide turbine wheel, forged and milled com­pressor wheel, stainless steel turbine housing, angled waste gate, built-in compressor recirculation valve and ceramic ball bearings.

Other features of the kit include cold air intake, true bolt-on with no cutting and welding, all-aluminum light­weight and quiet muffler, aluminum or stainless steel con­struction throughout, including custom-made heavy-duty exhaust springs, and a low volume charge box for the fastest turbo response possible.

The fuel management is taken care of by the Bully Dog Technologies Powersports GT tuner, which allows repro­gramming of the OEM engine computer to allow it to safely and effectively control the engine. This is accomplished with the use of the OEM computer, wiring harness, fuel injectors and fuel pump. No permanent modifications to any fac­tory electrical system, fuel system, or chassis allow this kit to retain OEM reliability.

Altitude compensation for boost control comes standard and this is accomplished without any electronic devices. Set your boost and rpm once and never touch it again, giving you the same horsepower from the truck to the top of the mountain. Turbocharger lubrication is provided by the most reliable and uncomplicated way possible using the OEM oil injection pump.

Contact Mountain Tek Performance (208) 652-0122 or

Bikeman Durability Kit

If you have 1,500 or more miles on your 2008-2014 Polaris 800, you may need this kit. The relatively short rods and pistons on those Polaris models have been the cause of the short life of the stock pistons and rings. Most machines will lose 20-30 lbs. of compression after just 1,500 miles of riding, which causes loss in performance.

The key to this kit is the taller pistons BMP has devel­oped which allow less piston rock. This reduces the stress on the piston and rings dramatically. BMP also extended piston life by slightly changing the ring location, adding lubrication holes on all four corners of the piston and Teflon coating the skirts. The Durability Kit includes a cylinder spacer, but port timing isn’t changed because the piston is taller by the same amount as the cylinder is raised.

The added crankcase volume even produces six more horsepower. So your engine life is extended dramatically and you gain power at the same time. The kit comes with two new Teflon coated pistons, rings, wristpins, circlips, longer cylinder bolts, a BMP machined spacer, longer dowel pins and two base gaskets.

The kit retails for $499.95.

Contact Bikeman Performance (715) 483-3003 or

ProX Racing Parts Snowmobile Applications

ProX Racing Parts announces a full piston kit program for snowmobiles. After more than 38 years in the replace­ment engine part business serving the motocross, ATV, PWC and Moped markets, ProX releases 25 new models of snow­mobile piston kits designed for more than 400 snowmobile applications.

ProX Racing Parts has committed to long-term develop­ment of the snowmobile product line by releasing more applications as well as other related service parts in 2014. ProX Racing Parts snowmobile pistons are specially made with dedicated molding and tooling at reputable OEM pis­ton, ring and component manufacturers. These manufactur­ers provide the pistons with top-level durability, quality and performance that you expect from ProX Racing.

ProX Racing Parts pistons feature high-quality cast pis­ton made with dedicated tooling and molding, made from hypereutectic alloy for extra strength and reduced expansion and anodized piston dome for increased protection against excessive combustion chamber heat. Special dual ring design is used for improved durability, ring seal and resistance to wear and a full MOS2 skirt coating for improved lubricity, break-in and resistance to scuffing.

Contact ProX Racing Parts

Diamond S Titanium ExhaustCan

This is the lightest, best-performing exhaust can on the market. The Ti can weighs 2 to 2.5 lbs., depending on the snowmobile, which is a significant weight savings versus stock.

The titanium can retails for $495 and Diamond S has cans for the Polaris Pro RMK and Ski-Doo XM. A can is currently in the works for the Arctic Cat ProClimb.

The benefits of using tita­nium in the can is that the metal is lightweight and strong, allowing Diamond S to build chambers to keep a low noise level, thus eliminat­ing the need for packing. Titanium’s high strength to weight ratio (titanium is stronger yet lighter than steel) allows Diamond S to create an exhaust can that holds up to abuse better than its steel counterparts while weighing only a fraction of typical OEM exhaust.

Titanium also maintains its strength and characteristics easily in temperatures of more than 950 degrees F. Titanium is also very resistant to corrosion, unlike steel which may decay or develop rust.

Contact Diamond S Mfg. (435) 283-4535 or

2014 Double X-treme Snowmobile Calendar

The 2014 Double X-treme Snowmobile Calendar features top swimsuit models and high-end modified snowmobiles in some of the most popular riding areas throughout the backcountry mountains and the Midwest.

The team from Double X-treme Snowmobile Calendars has travelled throughout the United States to bring you the hottest women on the hottest snowmobiles in a very taste­ful, high-quality snowmobile swimsuit calendar. New to the 2014 Double X-treme Snowmobile Calendar is a vintage Polaris TXL 340 and a classic pin-up calendar swimwear model taking you back in time.

The 2014 Double X-treme Snowmobile Calendar will have you and your friends enjoying the snowmobile season all year long.

Contact Double Xtreme (605) 923-8323 or www.snow­

Klim’s Redesigned Klimate Parka, Bib

Klim’s entry into the insulated jacket market was headlined by the Klimate Parka years ago. Since then, it’s received multiple updates in fit, style and material durability. For 2013-2014, the Klimate Parka gets another complete makeover while still providing a substantial 200 grams of 3M Thinsulate Insulation. New features include triple the amounts of 3M Scotchlite reflective material for maximum low-light and nighttime vis­ibility, attractive new style lines and a new gray ballistic nylon overlay treatment to the shoulders and elbows.

Other features of the parka include Klim’s Guaranteed To Keep You Dry promise, Gore-Tex two-layer laminate technology, comfortable anatomically correct patterning, articulated sleeves/elbows, high-contrast double stitching, heavy-duty dual-head two-way center front zipper and dou­ble storm flap construction at front zipper.

As for the Klimate Bib, it has many of the same features as the Parka, with some additional ones such as Gore-Tex three-layer laminate technology and guaranteed 100 percent waterproof, windproof and breathable insulated perfor­mance. Standout features include the toughness of ballistic nylon overlays in high-wear zones, ample 3M Scotchlite reflective materials for increased visibility and insulation pro­vided by 200 grams of 3M Thinsulate premium insulation throughout. Additionally, the bib has new multiple panel knee construction that provides more naturally bent knee positioning, new coordinating gray heavy-duty overlays that match the Klimate Parka and new style lines.

Contact Klim (208) 552-7433 or

Holeshot Dash Bag

Holeshot, the maker of high quality performance driven products, engineered this innovative storage solution designed by sledders for sledders. This snow-tight bag was meticulously designed to maximize every inch of the bag. A completely protected mesh storage pocket was formed behind the headlights to hold two pair of goggles keeping them dry, warm, and safe.

And, by strategically positioning the gauge, a large easy access space was created to store multiple pairs of gloves, hats, sunglasses and snacks. Also, mesh pockets were designed to hold truck keys, lip balm, wallet, etc.

This Holeshot Dash bag not only offers bountiful stor­age, it is the first and only bag to provide a convenient, usable location for a Smartphone. This Smartphone pocket, because of its clear vinyl covering, is fully functional without taking the phone out into elements allowing the rider to check a GPS app, trail app, or simply see how many more riding hours are left. And, importantly, this system was designed so that the phone would stay dry. Don’t have a Smartphone? This spot can also hold a trail map for conve­nient viewing.

This Holeshot Dash bag was designed with a “roll & go” situation in mind. Engineered to work with a small windshield, its semi-rigid design offers the necessary flex and keeps contents in place. The gauge is low and protected, yet provides necessary visibility to monitor the sled’s perfor­mance. It can easily be installed in just 15 minutes with a few basic tools.

Contact Holeshot (800) 286-8975 or

RZ Mask

Made from neoprene material and equipped with an Active Carbon filter, the RZ Mask filtrates 99.9 percent of dust, while protecting against cold air while snowmobiling.

The mask covers the nose and mouth and conditions frigid air to a comfortable level. The RZ Mask comes in more than 20 designs and colors and retails for $29.95.

Contact RZMask

Storm X2 Glove

For 2013-14 True Adventure Gear has made substantial refinements to one of snowmobiling’s best gloves. Its new Storm X2 gloves feature a premium gray Pittard WR100X leather and the same great snow-repelling Schoeller Dynamic fabric. There is 40 grams of Thinsulate on the palm increased to 70 grams on the back to make a warmer glove with the same great grip and feel.

Of course, the gloves still have the waterproof/wind­proof Hipora liner and sewn-in fingers. The Storm X2 gloves retail for $64.95.

Contact True Adventure Gear (208) 562-1391 or


New this season from Snobunje is a pre-packaged collec­tion of the most necessary tools to help get a snowmobile unstuck. The Snobunje Rattler and Cobra work well on their own and even better as a set, but the new Escape Kit gives you all of Snobunje’s “essential” items in one box that makes getting unstuck quicker and even easier.

In addition to the proven pulling tools Rattler and Cobra, included in the Escape Kit are a T&A Strap, Slicktape Retrieval Line, a Cobra Strap and an S-Hook Safety Strap. There is even a Snobunje Cargo Net to secure all the tools to your tunnel when riding and, more importantly, make them easy to access when the inevitable “stuck” hap­pens.

Snobunje even tosses a “Stuck Sucks” poster in the box as an added bonus and with a retail price of $199.95, saves you money and makes a terrific gift for that snowmobiler on your list who always seems to be stuck. The Escape Kit even has a built-in carrying handle, making it easy to “grab and go” when you see it on your dealer’s shelf.

Contact Snobunje (877) 250-2015 or

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