SnoWest ProMOD: Rob Kincaid's M8000

Close-up with this superchaged custom sled

Published in the October 2013 Issue October 2013 Feature

We're taking a closer look at the Pro's modified custom backcountry sleds this season. Check out Team Arctic pilot Rob Kincaid's 2014 Arctic Cat M8000 Sno Pro Limited 153.

SnoWest: We're with Rob Kincaid, Arctic Cat Backcountry rider and Team Arctic RMSHA Racer. You built one of the coolest looking Arctic Cats we've ever seen. Tell us what you did to it.

Rob Kincaid: This year's 2014 mod build started out as an M8000 ProClimb Limited Edition. First thing I went with was a Speedwerx supercharger which automatically added eight pounds of boost on pump gas, 225 horsepower, so the power was excellent. I like the throttle response and how it has boost at idle.

It's real important to me that I have boost anytime I want it, because I like to ride in the steep and deep. The supercharger comes with all the clutching, all the bells and whistles straight from Speedwerx.

Then I moved to my suspension. I upgraded my suspension with Fox Float 3 upgrade kit. I pretty much upgraded all the shocks front and rear. I like the easy adjustability and how easy it is to add a little air for all my riding variations.

Next I tried to save some weight, so I went with Patrick Custom Carbon. This year I put side panels, pretty much replaced the whole center hood. Then I went with the lightweight tunnel, the custom carbon tunnel, and also a custom drive clutch cover which saves quite a bit of weight.

Next I wanted to upgrade all my bumpers so I don't have to worry about running over small trees. Racewerx front and rear bumpers, I've got a skid plate, and then also this year Racewerx came out with a new running board which, in my mind, is top of the line. Some people say that they're awful aggressive, but I don't plan on coming off of them. That's why they're aggressive.

The next thing I did was I went with the Camoplast 3-inch 156 track. It's a brand new track this year. I believe that's as big a game changer as putting boost on a snowmobile.

Then to meet the three inch track I went with Avid driver kit, seven tooth drivers, and rail extension to extend my 153 to a 156. Just bolt it on. It's really easy to do.

Next thing I concentrated on was my handling of my snowmobile, so I went with SLP Powder Pro skis. I believe they're the best ski on the market today for what I do in the backcountry, whether it's dicing down the trail or riding in the trees.

The next thing was moving my body position forward. I went with a Rox riser kit to move my steering point forward. It changes my riding style a little bit where I can get centered over my body. It's real important to have good handling of your snowmobile.

Then I put some lipstick on it with a custom tiger wrap this year. Arctic Cat built me a custom seat cover to match my wrap.

That's my 2014 pretty much stock mod sled in a nutshell.

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