Exclusive SnoWest Mountain Sled Buyer’s Guide

Published in the September 2013 Issue
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It doesn’t matter if we’re in the market for a new snowmobile, we all like looking at them. We like to sit on them. We like to grab hold of the rear bumper and see how far we can lift the back of the sled. We like to stand on one running board and see how easy the sled tips on its side. We like looking under the hood. We straddle the seat with our hands firmly on the handle­bars to see how the “balance” feels. We lift the ski. We crouch down and look at the rear suspension.

We wonder what aftermarket parts and/or accessories will work on the sled—that is, if we were in the market to buy one/could afford one.

We jaw with anyone who will listen and talk about this or that model.

We wonder how the sled will work in our neck of the woods in our kind of snow conditions and on our terrain. How will it hold up? Will it hold up? Is it as good as others are saying it is? Is the sled worth its asking price? Is there anything new or is it just BNG (bold new graphics)?

Yea, we like to touch and feel and talk. And we’ll do that as many times as we get the chance.

To say we’re obsessed might just be an understatement.

Now that the 2013-14 riding sea­son is right around the corner, interest is again ramping up on the model year 2014 snowmobiles after a brief sum­mer lull.

And we’re here to add some fodder to the discussion. Not only are we pre­senting the only mountain sled buyer’s guide you find anywhere, we tell you what’s better and/or new from 2013’s mountain machines.

After all, we like to talk about them too.

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