Arctic Cat M6000 Sno Pro 153 Unveiled At Hay Days

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Arctic Cat returns to the mountain 125-hp 2-stroke class for 2014 with a lightweight, high-performance M6000 Sno Pro featuring the powerful, new C-TEC2 599cc

engine with Dual-Stage Injection. Equipped with premium Sno Pro-package components, the all-new M6000 is aimed at boondocking excellence, with lightweight and easy handling for maximum fun-factor in all deep snow conditions.

The 6000-series C-TEC2 599cc engine debuts as the first 2-stroke snowmobile engine designed and built by Arctic Cat. Thanks to Dual-Stage Injection, batteryless EFI, APV electronic exhaust valves, exhaust pipe temperature sensor and electric oil injection, this high-tech, laydown-style engine delivers instant throttle response and low emissions. It also features the no-compromise convenience of push-button engine reverse.

Equally innovative, the ProClimb chassis complements the 6000-Series engine's light weight and instant power delivery. The combination of lightweight-yet-ultra-rigid construction and optimal rider ergonomics make the ProClimb chassis the ideal platform.

Up front, the 38-inch ski stance is matched by a vertical steering post and a 153-inch PowerClaw track for outstanding sidehill maneuverability and deep snow performance. Likewise, the ARS front suspension with Fox Float 3 shocks handles the full range of mountain conditions with control and comfort in equal measure. At the back, the M rear suspension is repositioned lower and rearward compared to previous years, delivering improved maneuverability and ability to stay on top of deep snow, with minimal trenching.

All mountain riders will appreciate the easy adjustability and versatility of the M6000's Telescoping Steering system, as well as the enhancements to its RMC hydraulic brake system. A new seat shape for 2014 results in a lower and shorter perch for improved ergonomics, while a built-in storage compartment and 11.5-gallon fuel capacity are even more rider-friendly.

M6000 Sno Pro Highlights

- Lightweight ski spindles deliver a nearly 1-lb. weight reduction

- Seat shape that's 1.5 inches lower, 5 inches shorter and is 5.5 lbs. lighter

- Improved snow evacuation at rear of running boards, with rear bumper machining for increased boot clearance

- Lightweight drive sprockets and aluminum bottom gear in chaincase

- Lightweight brake disc and race version master cylinder on the RMC hydraulic brake for enhanced braking

- ProClimb chassis weight reduction: Aluminum spars (instead of steel); HCR heat exchanger system

- Skidframe weight reduction: Lightweight aluminum axles; lightweight shock bushings and new rail cap

- Rear suspension repositioned lower and 0.75-inches rearward for improved deep snow performance

- Arctic Cat IFP rebuildable gas front arm shock in skidframe

- Fox Float 3 ski shocks feature improved air valve access for easier pressure adjustments

- Increased fuel capacity to 11.5 gallons

- Lightweight ski shock bushings and 8mm suspension hardware (instead of 10mm hardware)

- Ice-scratchers come standard

- Fixed clutch guard for added durability and reduced weight

- More durable cover for brake disc

- Driven clutch sheave with larger cooling fins reduces drive belt temperature for improved performance and durability

- Rear-mounted spare belt bag

- 19/50 gearing for improved performance

Technology Highlights

 6000-Series Arctic Cat C-TEC2 599cc 2-stroke engine with Dual-Stage Injection, APV valves, batteryless-EFI and EPTS

 ProClimb Chassis

 Push-button engine reverse

 Arctic Race Suspension (ARS) front suspension

 38-39-in. adjustable ski stance

 Vertical steering post

 Tapered 2-Piece Tunnel

 Arctic Drive System (ADS)

 RMC hydraulic brake system

 Simplified steering system

 Deep-keel mountain ski

 10.75-inch roller cam driven clutch

 Tri-hub rear axle system

 Fox Float 3 shocks on the front suspension and rear of skidframe

 Arctic Cat IFP rebuildable gas shock on front of skidframe

 15x153x2.6-inch PowerClaw track with 3.0-in. pitch

 Telescoping Steering system 

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