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Rob Alford is the quintessential British Columbia big mountain sledder. He's appeared in more films than Kevin Bacon (almost) and has been on the free

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Favorite food you take with you riding? 

Usually just a sandwich and lots of water.

Craziest moment on snow in the last two years? 

I was out shooting with Hans Wardell and I started a decent sized avalanche. I ended up ditching the sled and narrowly escaped getting caught in it. The sled went for a 1,200-foot ride through a good amount of trees. I was really lucky-it missed all the trees and had zero damage.


Biggest carnage you've experienced? 

I was doing a 100-foot-plus jump onto a very steep, long landing. Upon landing my handlebars broke and I lost control of the sled. I was going so fast that when I got thrown off I ended up doing these high speed cartwheels down the slope, probably about a hundred of them. Not that fun at all. I ended up breaking my wrist and getting some stitches. It was caught on film when we were shooting for Slednecks 7.


Biggest jump or drop you've done? 

Hard to say. There's been some big ones over the years. Jump: 200 feet plus. Drop: 150 feet plus.

Longest sledding road trip you've taken? 

I drove out to Stewart, B.C. It took 18 hours to get there, but well worth it. It snowed 14 feet in two weeks.


How do you pass your summer? 

Dirt biking, mountain biking and working on my place.

What's your worst sled-related injury? 

I broke my leg once from a hard landing.


What's your favorite riding area? 

Zipper Mouth Creek by Go Fly a Kite mountain, lol.

What's your favorite TV show? 

Right now, Fringe.

All snowmobiles are four-strokes within seven years. True or false? 

False. Two-strokes rule.

What non-motorized sport are you good at? 

Downhill skiing. I used to be pro at it `til I got hooked on sledding.

Whose house do you usually crash at on road trips? 

I've crashed at my bro Geoff Kyle's and Dan Treadway's pads in Whistler.

Have you ever moved just to live in a better snowmobiling location? 

Yes, I moved to Revelstoke, B.C. eight years ago for deep, dry fluff.

What do you drive? 

I have a Duramax diesel Chevy.

First sled you called your own? 

Ski-Doo Summit 583.

All-time favorite sled video? 

Slednecks 7.


What ride from the last couple seasons sticks out as your favorite? 

The new Ski-Doo XM is the best sled I've ever ridden. I was lucky enough to ride one for most of last winter.

How did make the transition from riding weekends with dad to becoming one of the industry's backcountry superstars? 

My Dad never rode a snowmobile. I was brought up skiing. I got a snowmobile for backcountry skiing access but ended up just sledding full time.

Who is the slowest rider you've ever waited for to get ready in the morning? 

I'd say Geoff Kyle although he's one of my favorite buds to ride with once we are in the pow.

Do you carry tools with you every time you ride? 

Just the stock tool kit. I do all my maintenance and routinely check over my sled to prevent failures.

Avy pack or regular backpack? 

I have a Snowpulse pack.

Who that you've ridden with packs the most stuff in their backpacks? 

My bro Paul Ilic always has a full pack and is prepared.

Who is always good for carnage on a ride? 

I'd say Geoff Kyle.


Ski Doo, Snowpulse, Bull Dog Sled Decks, Slednecks, The Cabin, CFR Snowmobile Racks, 509 Optics,, SLP, ArcticFX Graphics, Edge Performance, Somewon Snow Casual Wear.

Mug Pic by France Landreville

Action Pic by Gregg Ryan
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