509 Releases New Sinister X5 Goggle

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We have worked closely with the world leaders in optical lens materials and anti-fog technology to develop a proprietary, goggle specific anti-fog treatment. Unlike traditional anti-fog treatments that are simply an applied coating layer, 509 fog free technology is a chemically applied treatment which modifies the lens material's surface, giving it long lasting anti-fog properties. Where traditional coatings fall short in terms of effectiveness and longevity, 509 fog free technology shines. The advantage of 509's chemically bonded fog free lens treatment, over traditional anti-fog layer coatings is significant. It's an advantage you'll notice on the first day you ride, all the way to the last day of the season.

In addition we also tirelessly sourced the most durable, scratch resistant lens materials on the market. In an effort to provide the absolute best optically clear lens on the goggle market, we have teamed up with an industry leading, 165 year old Italian optics lab. Through this exclusive partnership, we're proud to announce an optically clear, polycarbonate lens that provides an unmatched anti-scratch & durability rating. The 509 advantage of Italian optical quality over our competitors Chinese optical quality is significant. Experience the 509 advantage and see why 509 goggles are the #1 premium snowmobile goggle in the world.

From our USA design lab, to our optical partners in Italy, to final lens & goggle assembly in our world leading R&D facility in China, you'll see why 509 goggles outmatch the competition.

New fixed outriggers, move the strap position forward providing a perfect fit with your 509 helmet. Our unique edge pressure outrigger, provides a perfect seal along the outer edge of the goggles, not 2" in at the outrigger post like our competitors. This ensures a perfect fit & seal and eliminates fogging.

The X5 frame was carefully engineered with PHANTOM frame technology. This unique design allows the goggle frame to disappear out of your field of view, leaving a clear vision path with less visible frame.

The new X5 is 1/2" taller and than our original Sinister and has been carefully re-engineered for greater field of view and a perfect fit inside your 509 helmet. This new design also eliminates nose pressure allowing unobstructed breathing.

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