Sled Mayhem Tops Charts, Launches Improved Version

Arcade-style snowmobile racing app tops charts, launches new version with improved features

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Vancouver, BC - Goldmark Studios, a premier app developer based in Canada, recently launched its new version of Sled Mayhem in the iTunes store in March. Sled Mayhem is a snowmobile racing game featuring hi-def animation, tricks, rolling terrains, a full featured game editor, social sharing, original music and more.

After topping multiple iTunes store categories in Canada, Goldmark Studios has released a new version of Sled Mayhem with improved features and fixed bugs.

"There is nothing more satisfying than hitting the chord with the players and receiving positive feedback; it makes the hard work worthwhile," said Dejan Cecar, Goldmark Studios CEO. "We've been fortunate enough to gain a large, steady-growing fan base with our app on account of its compelling design and addictive gameplay."

Players are taken on a wild ride through rough terrain and beautiful mountain scenery, whipping through trees and hills while gaining bonus points for tricks and jumps. The game features acceleration and braking buttons on the bottom corners of the screen, and when players find themselves with ample opportunity for a sick backflip or trick, they can simply tilt the device forward or back.

Improved features of the 1.2 version include: 

  • Working checkpoints
  • Control options (tilt or touch for lean, layout, sensitivity)
  • How to play help, better wipeouts
  • Fixed inverted lean to enhance performance

A unique feature of this app is the ability for players to create and share their own tracks. Using the "create" option in the main menu, players can arrange an entire map to their liking, using a finger to draw mountains, hills and other exciting terrain. Users can publish and share new tracks with thousands of other extreme racers and "favorite" the ones they like. If a player is particularly proud of his or her rankings on the worldwide leaderboards, there is a sharing option for Facebook and Twitter in the main menu.

"We recognize the importance of social media and believe it is a fun and necessary feature of the game," said Cecar.

Sled Mayhem reached No. 1 in racing games, No. 2 in sports, and No. 4 in overall games in Canada, and is available on iTunes. Google Play and Windows version are scheduled to come soon.

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