Not Much To Do With Snowmobiling But Polaris' Flat-proof "Airless" Tires Are Cool Nonetheless

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In putting together the summer issue of Dirt Toys Magazine, a sister publication to SnoWest, we came across a pretty innovative product Polaris is working on: an "airless" non-pneumatic tire (NPT).

According to a report by John Brandon, Polaris plans to debut a consumer version of an "airless" non-pneumatic tire (NPT) by early next year.

Made from a proprietary plastic, the NPT replaces the conventional tire carcass with a flexible web.

"The tire works very similar to a bicycle wheel, where the load is carried in tension across the top of the wheel," Polaris spokesperson Jason Difuccia told FoxNews. "The bottom of the wheel is designed to give in to obstacles like rocks, curbs and other terrain."

That means no punctures in the wilderness and no need to carry a tire repair kit.

The tire rolls over sharp rocks, poking tree branches, and harmful tree stumps without a problem, according to the report. The NPT has three main components: the web structure, an outer rubber tread band and a solid inner steel rim mounted to the axle. Polaris says the open design means dirt, tree branches and gravel will shift and fall out as you ride, rather than getting stuck inside.

You can see the tire in action here.

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