More Jackson Hillclimb Results


Photos by Ryan Harris

We continue our report of the results of the World Championship Snowmobile Hillclimb in Jackson, WY.

800 Improved

Kyle Tapio repeated his win in the 800 improved division from last year and 2012 fourth-place finisher Steve Martin wound up second.

1.         Kyle Tapio                   Battle Ground, WA       Arctic Cat        1.20.547

2.         Steve Martin                 Rock Springs, WY        Ski-Doo           1.20.752

3.         Dolan Phelps                Montpelier, ID               Polaris              1.31.324

4.         Josh Koreski                Yakima, WA                 Ski-Doo           HM1

5.         Erin Beukelman            Caldwell, ID                  Polaris              HM2

6.         Kyle Heap                    Evanston, WY               Polaris              HM3

7.         Blaine Mathews            Pinedale, WY                Ski-Doo           HM4

8.         Tyler Crockett              Polson, MT                   Polaris              HM5

800 Mod

An impressive 15 sleds made qualifying runs. Keith Curtis, who finished second in the 800 mods in 2012, won this year’s division in impressive fashion.

1.         Keith Curtis                  Dillon, MT                     Polaris              1.09.269

2.         Steve Martin                 Rock Springs, WY        Ski-Doo           1.12.772

3.         Carl Kuster                  Malakwa, BC                Ski-Doo           1.12.796

4.         Justin Jacobson  Montpelier, ID               Ski-Doo           1.13.161

5.         Luke Rainey                 Thayne, WY                  Polaris              1.14.201         

6.         Cole Willford                Fruita, CO                     Polaris              1.16.745

7.         Calvin Felker                Fort Collins, CO            Ski-Doo           1.29.019

8.         Kyle Tapio                   Battle Ground, WA      Arctic Cat        HM1

9.         Charles Lopeman         Cora, WY                     Polaris              HM2

10.       Craig Cook                  West Haven, UT           Polaris              HM3

11.       Cable Willford   Fruita, CO                     Yamaha            HM4

12.       Kody Malmborg           Cheyenne, WY  Yamaha            HM5

13.       Russell Frisby               Caldwell, ID                  Polaris              HM6

14.       Nels Tapio                   Brush Prairie, WA         Arctic Cat        HM7

15.       Michael Crockett          Polson, MT                   Polaris              HM8   

1000 Stock

Keith Curtis repeated as the 1000 stock champion.

1.         Keith Curtis                  Dillon, MT                     Polaris              1.13.719

2.         Justin Jacobson  Montpelier, ID               Ski-Doo           1.15.427

3.         Luke Rainey                 Thayne, WY                  Polaris              1.20.729

4.         Jay Mentaberry             Alpine, WY                   Ski-Doo           1.23.434

5.         Scott Cheeney              Pinedale, WY                Ski-Doo           HM1

6.         Aaron Christensen        Provost, AB                  Polaris              HM2

7.         Tom Roby                    Thayne, WY                  Ski-Doo           HM3

8.         Josh Koreski                Yakima, WA                 Ski-Doo           HM4

9.         David Sharp, Jr.            Moxee, WA                  Ski-Doo           HM5

1000 Improved Stock

2012 winner Erin Beukelman again had a strong showing at Jackson, finishing fourth. Five of the seven Ski-Doo sleds entered qualified for the finals.

1.         Mike Anderson            Millville, UT                   Ski-Doo           1.38.884

2.         Tyler Crockett              Polson, MT                   Polaris              HM1

3.         Tom Roby                    Thayne, WY                  Ski-Doo           HM2

4.         Erin Beukelman            Caldwell, ID                  Polaris              HM3

5.         Blaine Mathews            Pinedale, WY                Ski-Doo           HM4

6.         Jay Mentaberry            Alpine, WY                   Ski-Doo           HM5

7.         Steve Martin                 Rock Springs, WY        Ski-Doo           HM6

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