Yamaha's Cat-Like Features

Yamaha unveils 2014 lineup


Let the jokes/smart remarks (and most likely speculation) begin. We know they're coming. Yamacat. Catahama. There will be more.

Whatever you think about Arctic Cat building some of Yamaha's 2014 sleds, everyone will agree this is the big story for model year 2014. The big news for Yamaha is in its trail and crossover categories. Nothing new for the mountains.

Here are a few highlights. More details can be found in the March issue of SnoWest Magazine.

New features of Yamaha's SR Vipers include:

  • High-performance, liquid-cooled, 1,049cc, 3-cylinder engine with 4 valves per cylinder.
  • Closed loop fuel injection system. The exhaust-mounted O2 sensor monitors exhaust gases and signals the ECU to adjust for a precise air-to-fuel ratio.
  • Electronic reverse system featuring Servo-controlled push-button actuated shifting. The push button reverse is easy to use even while wearing gloves.
  • All-magnesium chaincase that allows optional gear choices, provides a rigid mounting point for the sled's upper spar and reduces overall weight.
  • Automatic ratchet-type chain tensioner. The tensioner is maintenance-free and keeps the chain properly adjusted to lengthen the life of the drive train.
  • Forward facing cold air intake system for maximum throttle response
  • Hayes brakes system. The Hayes radial brake master cylinder features a stainless steel brake line and a piston that actuates the same direction as the lever for consistent actuation and improved braking control. The system also features a dual-piston brake caliper that reduces brake pad knock-back and is forward mounted on the frame to reduce tensional loads and flex. The large brake rotor is mounted on the left end of the drive axle to directly control track speed.
  • Yamaha drive and driven clutch system with a fast-reacting clutch for better engine feel.
  • SRV chassis made by Arctic Cat. The two-piece, tipped-tunnel design puts the rider into "attack" position. The chassis tapers from 15 inches at the seat base down to wide floorboards, facilitating a narrow seat for easy movement while maintaining track width, clearance and stability. Large running board cutouts clear out snow and allow easy foot movement. The chassis's pyramidal upper frame design adds strength without adding weight. The upper frame consists of several geometrically triangulated spars. The front shocks mount directly onto the leading spar at angles designed to transfer the trail force to the strongest part of the chassis. The forged steel housing bracket ties the frame spars together.
  • Forward mounted muffler that provides less ice buildup and increased mass centralization. The header, collector and main pipe are cooled by snow.
  • Rear facing SS header, cooled by snow.
  • Ergonomic steering featuring a pivoting aluminum handlebar riser, dual position hi-lo hand and thumb warmer controls and wide, backswept "hooked" handlebars.
  • Conjoined rear axle hub assembly that is lighter and more durable than two separate wheels.
  • Newly designed seat with tall, thick saddle and versatile ergonomics.
  • Electric start.
  • New gauge with many options including mph, temp, altimeter, hours, fuel, intake air temp, voltage meter, oil pressure, rpm, clock, odometer and trip odometer.

The all-new SR Viper XTX SE model includes the above features as well as:

  • Performance-tuned dual shock SR 141 rear suspension.
  • A 15 x 141-inch, 3.0 pitch track. The track's depth remains to be determined.
  • Lightweight Fox Float 2 air shocks that eliminates the need for torsion springs.
  • Forward-facing track tensioner.
  • Rebuildable aluminum HPG shock.
  • Fixed front arm mount.
  • Sporty low windshield with aggressive styling cues that works to deflect cold air and snow spray from the rider's hands and torso.
  • Plastic mountain skis.
  • Tall riser bar with mountain strap. The XTX is the only SR Viper model to have the strap as a standard feature. This offers extra leverage options for off-trail riding.
  • Convenient tunnel-mounted belt and tool pouch.
  • SRV chassis with long tunnel. The chassis's compact design matches the XTX's 141-inch track length.
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