Arctic Cat's New 2014 Models


Arctic Cat announces its new 2014 models with lots of exciting additions. We'll get things started with the M8000 models.

M8000 Sno Pro, M8000 Sno Pro Limited and M8000 Sno Pro Limited ES

Combining the extra climbing capacity of the 162-inch PowerClaw track with a lightweight package powered by the 8000-Series 2-stroke engine, the 2014 Arctic Cat M8000 162-inch models set the high mark. Yet thanks to their telepathic handling and instant power delivery, this trio of climbers is equally adept at boondocking through the trees.

A dedicated weight reduction program removed nearly 20 lbs. for the 2014 models, which, in concert with enhancements to the ergonomics, braking and fuel capacity, give the new M8000s greater performance and versatility.

The foundation of these machines is the lightweight ProClimb chassis with optimally balanced rider ergonomics. For 2014 the M rear suspension has been repositioned lower and rearward for improved maneuverability and quicker planning in deep snow. The 15 x 162 x 2.6-inch PowerClaw track is unmatched when it comes to going for high marks. The ARS front suspension handles the rough while the vertical steering post and 38-inch stance enable effortless sidehilling.

A new shorter, lower seat shape (Sno Pro and Limited) aids rider maneuverability on and around the seat.

Powering these mountain machines is the 8000-Series 800 H.O. 2-stroke engine with batteryless EFI via the revolutionary Arctic Drive System (ADS) for optimized belt life and clutching performance in all conditions

Features on the 2014 M8000 models include:

  • Lightweight ski spindles deliver a nearly 1-lb. weight reduction
  • New seat shape featuring reduced height and length, with built-in storage compartment and reduced weight (Sno Pro & non-ES Limited)
  • Improved ergonomics on running boards for easy snow evacuation, with rear bumper machining for more boot clearance
  • Lightweight driveshaft, drive sprockets and aluminum bottom gear in chaincase (Sno Pro & Limited)
  • New lightweight brake disc (Sno Pro) and race-version master cylinder on
  • the RMC hydraulic brake for enhanced braking
  • ProClimb chassis weight reduction: Aluminum spars (instead of steel); HCR heat exchanger system (Sno Pro)
  • Skidframe weight reduction: Lightweight aluminum axles; lightweight shock bushings and new rail cap
  • Arctic Cat IFP rebuildable gas front arm shock in skidframe
  • New FOX FLOAT 3 ski shocks feature improved air valve access for easier pressure adjustments (Sno Pro & Limited)
  • Increased fuel capacity (to 11.5 gallons on Sno Pro and Limited; and 12 gallons on Limited ES)
  • Lightweight ski shock bushings and 8mm suspension hardware (instead of 10mm hardware)
  • Ice-scratchers come standard (Sno Pro & Limited)
  • New visible coolant reservoir for easy inspection and built-in spark plug holder
  • New fixed clutch guard for added durability and reduced weight
  • More durable cover for brake disc
  • New driven clutch sheave with larger cooling fins reduce drive belt temperature for improved performance and durability
  • Rear-mounted spare belt bag (Sno Pro)
  • 19/50 gearing for improved performance

New Clean-Technology 2-Stroke Engine

The all-new C-TEC2 600 is the first snowmobile engine designed engineered and produced by Arctic Cat. Featuring clean engine technology like dual-stage injection, open-window pistons, electronic oil metering and more, the C-TEC2 600 reflects the decades of engine design knowledge from the same Arctic Cat engineers who created the laydown engine, exhaust pipe temperature sensor and batteryless EFI.

"Every component of the C-TEC2 600 was designed and sourced by Arctic Cat," said Donn Eide, snowmobile engine design manager at Arctic Cat. "It is a cleansheet design incorporating new and existing technology pioneered by our team of engineers."

The C-TEC2 600 delivers class-leading horsepower. It will be produced at the Arctic Cat Engine facility in St. Cloud, MN.

Incorporating ideas proven in the Sno Pro 600 race engine including the crankshaft design and crank wheel construction -and using Finite Element Analysis, the C-TEC2 600 engine is 8.5 lbs. lighter than the former 600 Suzuki 2-stroke engine used in Arctic Cat snowmobiles.

Dual-Stage Injection

At lower engine loads, the system injects fuel directly into the combustion chamber, on top of the piston. At higher engine loads fuel is also injected into the crankcase area and into the transfer ports, improving the fuel/air transfer time for added efficiency while also lubricating vital engine components.

Slotted Piston

The unique open-window/slotted piston design allows fuel/oil mix to be injected into the crankcase area and then into the transfer ports as part of the Dual-Stage Injection design.

Knock Sensor

An engine knock sensor detects detonation due to fuel octane, quality and/or ethanol content. Based on information from the knock sensor, the engine management system adjusts ignition timing and fuel delivery for optimum performance and combustion. If fuel quality is such that the combination of reduced engine timing and a richer fuel/air mixture can't prevent detonation, the engine goes into safe mode until fuel quality improves.

XF 8000 Sno Pro High Country

Arctic Cat has also made changes to its XF 8000 Sno Pro High Country model snowmobile.

The 2014 XF Sno Pro High Country and High Country Limited blend backcountry boondocking and high-performance cross-country riding in perfect harmony.

Its strength in the mountains is the result of the potent combination of the ProClimb chassis, 8000-Series 2-stroke engine and key mountain-specific components, including 15 x 141 x 2.25-inch PowerClaw track, stand-up-oriented vertical steering post, taller mountain seat, adjustable telescoping handlebar combo and a 6-inch wide mountain ski.

When it comes to riding trails the High Country will still rail thanks to its 42-43-inch adjustable ski stance and swaybar-equipped Arctic Race Suspension. With the FOX FLOAT 3 on the ARS front and FOX FLOAT 2 shock on the rear arm of the FastTrack skidframe, there's no worries when you hit the big bumps.

Tying it all together is the ultra-light, ultra-rigid ProClimb chassis with the tapered two-piece tunnel and its neutral rider position, while the acceleration comes via the 8000-Series H.O. engine with EFI, APV exhaust valves, exhaust pipe temperature system and push-button engine reverse. See for yourself why the 160-hp hit of this engine has made it a favorite among hardcore backcountry riders.

When it comes to slowing things down the Radial Master Cylinder (RMC) hydraulic brake gets the race-spec master cylinder for 2014 for excellent feel and performance.

Riders who want premium customization can opt for the High Country Limited, which comes with a goggle bag, rear storage bag and electric start.

Additional features for the XF 8000 Sno Pro High Country include:

  • New ceramic-coated exhaust resonator
  • Lightweight ski spindles deliver a nearly 1-pound weight reduction
  • New race-version master cylinder on the RMC hydraulic brake for enhanced braking
  • Arctic Cat IFP rebuildable gas shocks on the front of the skidframe
  • New FOX FLOAT 3 ski shocks feature improved air valve access for easier pressure adjustments.
  • Increased fuel capacity to 12 gallons
  • New visible coolant reservoir for easy inspection
  • New fixed clutch guard for added durability
  • More durable cover for brake disc
  • New driven clutch sheave with larger cooling fins reduce drive belt temperature for improved performance and durability.
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