2013 Amateur Snowmachine Video Awards


North Road Productions is a new non-profit organization in Nikiski, AK. The organization's primary goal is to encourage good sportsmanship among riders as well as teach safe and responsible use of snowmobiles, along with respect for public land, private lands and natural resources.

Additionally North Road wants to encourage healthy and safe competition, promote educational events and seminars and provide entry level and advanced riding clinics for youth and amateur athletes. Snowmobiling has become more than just a hobby, especially when people are investing so much into the sport. North Road wants to make a positive impact on the community.

North Road decided it is going to go big or go home with its first event as North Road Productions. It's not uncommon to see GoPros mounted on sleds, shovels and helmets or to see the footage plastered all over the internet. Not everyone is lucky enough to be a pro and all that comes with it, so why not give credit to the amateur backcountry rider who has mad skills? North Road wants to. North Road is calling all riders and videographers in the state of Alaska to enter into its 2013 Amateur Snowmachine Video Awards. Below is a link for event information, including the rules and regulations for the event.

Click on this link to see the full event information:


Click on this link to see North Road Productions YouTube Account:


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