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Drummondville, Quebec - With the CKX brand constantly growing in popularity, the website needed to be refreshed for a more dynamic and current look while keeping itself abreast with clothing trends, especially in powersports apparel.

The changes made to the website are aesthetic and functional as well as ergonomic. Visitors and consumers needs have been put in the forefront to ensure optimized browsing and online shopping experiences. can now, more than ever, become a sales tool for Kimpex salesmen, a reference tool for retailers and consumers as well as an advertising platform for Kimpex and CKX brands.

View the new CKX website at

Improvements and changes made on

Home Page

  • Website choice of language has been improved to facilitate the transition from one language to another and avoid having to leave your current active page.
  • It is now possible to subscribe directly on the CKX Facebook fan page and/or on the Twitter account from any pages on the website.
  • There is now a link to become a CKX dealer on every page of the website.
  • CKX is now displaying more pictures of CKX products on the home page (one per subcategory).
  • A new advertising section has been developed to promote the company's new products, inform visitors about CKX events, the CP4 system, contests, photos, videos and other.
  • A section with all the social networks where CKX is active has been added in the lower part of the site.
  • The most important technologies used in designing our CKX clothing have been highlighted at the end of every page of the website.

Product Category Pages

  • CKX suggested retail prices were added under the name of each product displayed.
  • A red, green, blue or orange CKX logo, each representing a lifestyle from the CP4 system has been posted on the left of every jacket and bib name to better identify them.
  • An advertising banner has been added to the left side of the site to promote contests, new CKX products and to inform viewers on the CP4 classification system. 

Product Pages

  • It is now possible to share CKX site product pages with your friends by e-mail or on social networks with the new AddThis plugin on every product page.
  • Direct access to sizing charts has been placed close to the available sizes of every product.
  • For the Jackets and Suits product pages, the company added a new CKX Performance 4 tab to allow visitors to quickly identify the lifestyle related to the product displayed.
  • A new navigation tool has been created to allow you to quickly switch from the current product shown to another product from the same category without leaving the page or having to click the back button.

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