Montana's Tester Is After Mt. Jefferson Again


Senator Tester (MT-D) announced last Friday that he has included his Montana Wilderness Bill in a Senate Appropriations Bill. As you recall, this bill locks up Mt. Jefferson as Wilderness. Folks from all over Montana are fighting back but they need our help.

There are some who say they would not be surprised to see him get it through the Senate but the House of Representatives is another story. Congressman Mike Simpson is in a key position to make sure that doesn't happen. It is our responsibility to let the Congressman know how important Mt. Jefferson is to us and to ask for his help.

It won't take you long but it will make a difference. 

Please send the following message or something like it to today. Also, tell all your friends and family to also send a message. 

"Congressman Simpson, please do everything you can to make sure that Senator Tester's Forest Jobs and Recreation Act does not make it through the house because it will limit jobs and recreation opportunities in Idaho. Thank you for your help."

Leave your name and address.

Also, as mentioned above, many in Montana are fighting back and working to defeat Sen. Tester in this year's election. The snowmobile community in Montana is raising funds to do a media campaign. If you can help with any amount, send the money to:

Families For Outdoor Recreation

P.O. Box 20275

Billings, MT 59104

Watch here and you'll see some of the work being done by Montanans. 

For more information, visit or 

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