Cable Willford Blog - World Championship Snowmobile Hillclimb At Jackson

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By Cable Willford

(ED-Here is Pro hillclimb Yamaha racer Cable Willford's thoughts on the third RMSHA race of the season last weekend. We will be following Willford as he helps to try to put Yamaha on the map-hillclimbing wise that is.)

No gain without pain. Yamaha made history in Jackson Hole with the first 4-stroke over the top, just minutes after I suffered a massive wreck that started right below the timing lights and ended up caught in the catch net. The crowd-pleasing crash unfolded in a hurry as it scattered hill crew from above the 3rd catwalk down below the 2nd. The valiant efforts to save my sled came up short and it was like being sucked into a black hole once the tumbling sled gained momentum.

Dazed and confused, I remember the cheering crowd and shouts from the hill crew asking me if I was ok as I walked down through the aftermath picking up pieces of my sled as I went. I realized my goggles had been torn from my helmet and the violence of the spectacle also managed to separate such items as sunglasses and wrist watches from the some of the crazy cowboys who got involved.

Yamaha's Eric Josephsen commented later that once it started to unfold, all he could see were dollar signs evaporating as the sled made its way down the hill into the catch net. One of the benefits of being on a factory race team is the amount of resources available in these situations. The sled was so bent and broken that I was sure it wouldn't be able to make the last run in my Open Mod class. The Yamaha mechanics swarmed my sled like angry ants on a banana and it was put back together and race ready within 30 minutes.

Overall the weekend was a lot of fun. Hanging out with members of the Yamaha cross country race team and paricipating in the hillclimb event is always time well spent. I am proud of my teammates, Kody and Kolton Malmborg and Nathan Titus, who all rode hard and represented Yamaha very well. Our team keeps getting stronger and making headlines as we go.

The race at Pebble Creek has been cancelled because of lack of snow, so now I have an extra week to lick my wounds and regroup before heading to Logan, UT, for the Beaver Mtn. race.

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