Lane For Rent - The Sequel

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By Lane Lindstrom

Many of you who read my column titled, "Lane For Rent" in the September issue of SnoWest Magazine might have thought I was kidding when I made the claim it snows just about everywhere I go-especially when I have a camera in hand.

Once again I give you further evidence of my claim that it snows when I'm around.

I'm in Colorado working on a travel feature for our sister publication, Dirt Toys Magazine and we made it through day one of our ride with few "weather interruptions." Day two was an entirely different story, however. Snow overnight in the valley was snow up high on the peaks. And even though it was raining in the morning we decided to head out for a day of riding ATVs and side-by-sides, thinking somehow it might clear up. The steady rain we rode in before deciding that it was crazy and we weren't thinking straight and finally turned around, eventually turned to snow. A wet, heavy snow that slowly crept from the mountains down to the valleys of northern Colorado.

Now keep in mind, this was Oct. 5-6. I was working on a late summer/early fall feature.

I rarely complain about snow-rarely. But I was pretty tempted yesterday.

Here's a picture as proof.

Lane for rent. Indeed. 

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