Crazy Mountain's 2012 CMX-X

A-Arm Mountain Monster

Published in the October 2011 Issue Sledheads

The Crazy Mountain Xtreme made a huge impact on the western sled segment nearly two decades ago when it was first released. Now the CMX lineup has received its most significant makeover for the 2012 model year.

The 2012 CMX-X features a new platform with A-arm front suspension. Prototype development for the CMX-X was done through Project X, a CMX sled with the front end of a Polaris Dragon RMK. The engine was moved back about 1.5 inches and the steering post forward about 4 inches.

Following Polaris' release of the Pro RMK, CMX went into full development of a new A-arm platform. The new platform consists of a cast aluminum bulkhead and over-structure, using procedures and materials similar to what are found on the Pro RMK. The result is an all-new CMX-X that is lighter, stronger and more rigid than previous models with a modern rider position.

But the CMX-X is all Crazy Mountain. It features titanium A-arms, CMX-exclusive front and rear suspensions with Raptor Performance remote reservoir shocks, Camoplast Peak 16x163x2.5-inch track and OEM-type bodywork with a unique CMX custom look.

The CMX-X will be powered by Crazy Mountain's CMX Turbo Rockets powerplants, which produce 260 hp on 10 lbs. of boost.

The CMX-X's front suspension runs its own custom geometry. Where a Polaris Pro RMK runs a castor angle of 26 degrees, the CMX-X is using 16 degrees, which reduces rider effort and tightens the sled's turning radius with less push in the powder. Crazy Mountain builds its own titanium A-arms and machines its own billet aluminum spindles to accomplish the geometry change. These parts are available separately (along with Raptor shocks and 8-inch Sly Dog skis) for anyone who wants to change out their Pro RMK front suspension.

Check out more info on the new CMX-X at

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